Amazon "Addiction": Lose 2 million, continue to sell the house, and be happy as long as the order is issued


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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Once you are Amazon, it seems that you can't go back. This is the immediate experience of many sellers recently.

Did you lose all the money you made last year?

This "soul question" is popular among Amazon sellers, reflecting the difficult situation of many sellers.

Many sellers reported that although there are still a lot of people making money, the market situation this year is really worse, including people around them, who have hardly made any money this year.

A seller who said that he "earned a suite last year" had to admit that he "didn't make much money this year".

However, although the market is not very good this year, most of the sellers still choose to continue to do so, even some of the sellers with serious losses should continue to do so.

Some sellers found that they had some experience in Amazon“Addiction.

Li Guchun, a seller in Shenzhen, found himselfAddicted to Amazon:

He knew that every order was losing money, but as long as he saw the order, he felt inexplicably happy. He knew that he had lost a lot, but "instinctively" told him that he must continue to do it.

Li Guchun has been in contact with Amazon since 2015,In a boutique company, he became the operation director. The company's welfare is good. When the income is good, Li Guchun's annual income can reach more than 1 million yuan.

By the end of 2019, Li Guchun had calculated his own cards, and had experience in front-line operation, but also had experience in making a lot of money; Because of the management, a number of supplier resources have been deposited over the years, and private models can be opened to obtain a better accounting period.

The company has provided good benefits. After accumulating a certain amount of funds, it is not a problem to cobble together 3 million yuan.

So, with the 3 million yuan he had collected, Li Guchun resolutely resigned as the operation director and began to work alone.

Li Guchun's experience accumulated through years of work has made him very sensitive to cost control. At the beginning, he rented a cheap shop in a village in the city,Seven products were selected, and several of them were selected.

With the cooperation of the factory, these seven popular products only made micro innovation on the original basis, and achieved good results. This made Li Guchun more leisurely. In 2020, he will be in the period of rising links, realizing a small profit.

But by 2021, things will start to change. Many sellers poured into Li Guchun's category, and the price war started.According to Li Guchun's calculation, some sellers even seize the market with slightly losing prices.

At first, Li Guchun didn't care too much, because his products were modeled by himself, which was different from the products on the market and could ensure a certain pricing power. But soon, low price products began to seize the market share of Li Guchun. Li Guchun's core products fell from the top 10 to more than 50, and the sales volume was greatly affected.

In desperation, Li Guchun also joined the ranks of price reduction sales.

However, when Li Guchun's products cut prices and tried to regain market share, the vicious competition means of competitors also followed, including but not limited to bad reviewsSwipe the bill for Li Guchun's link (but no refund), malicious purchase and cancellation, etc.

Li Guchun has successfully kept his core links after many setbacks. But in this process, we also suffered more than 1 million losses.

Under the condition that products and services are homogeneous and there is no support from brands,It will inevitably lead to an endless price war, and the profit space will be compressed step by step. Finally, all competitors will only earn a ration and barely survive.

It can be said that most sellers are not starting their own businesses, but are delivering goods with the highest cost performance for people in Europe and the United States,I worked hard and earned only a "social wage".

Although the process was difficult, Li Guchun found his“Special hobby ",It seems that he is addicted to Amazon,Every day is in an inexplicable state:

I know that every order is losing money, but as long as I see the order, I am inexplicably happy.

Li Guchun used to be very interested in fishing, but now he has only Amazon in his mind. He is also not interested in the interest he has cultivated for many years.

There are many examples like Li Guchun.Amazon Addiction makes another seller want to sell his house.In 2014, a seller with a living cost of 3000 yuan went into the business by mistake and began to contact Amazon. Smart and willing to learn, the seller soon became familiar with the operation process.

In 2015, the seller started to work alone. With the rising momentum of Amazon, he made a fortune and bought a suite in his hometown of Wuhan, with a surplus of 1 million yuan.

However, the good times are not long. The "epidemic e-commerce market" in 2020 will only benefit some sellers and some product categories, but it will bring a major blow to the seller.

Under the epidemic, the original accumulated loss of more than 1 million yuan was zero.

Not reconciled to the loss of money, the seller borrowed 2 million yuan from the bank and continued to fight. However, the reality severely slapped the seller, and the money borrowed from the bank was also lost.

Losing more than 3 million in succession, the seller's company went bankrupt, and his life fell from a well-off family to a debt ridden one.

Under such circumstances, the seller is still struggling to sell the house in Wuhan to make a profit. Fortunately, the seller was persuaded by his relatives and friends. Finally, the house was sold only to repay the loan, instead of continuing to invest in the sole Amazon business.

However, there are not a few sellers who want to continue to sell their houses after losing money, or who want to sell their houses and then become Amazon sellers.

Whether on the Knowledgeable Forum or Knowledgeable, many sellers are discussing "selling houses as Amazon".

Amazon's "addiction" of cross-border e-commerce: Lose 2 million yuan, continue to sell houses, and be happy as long as the order is issued

"Amazon addiction" seems to have become a relatively universal phenomenon, not only in new sellers, but also in old sellers.

So, why is Amazon so addictive?

Some people even stop their own way at All In?

Amazon's "addiction" of e-commerce platform: Lose 2 million yuan, continue to sell houses, and be happy as long as you make an order

For many people, the more they invest in Amazon, the more they actually feel "reluctant to sink costs".

Lin Gong, the seller, told the Blue Ocean Yiguan website domain news that he had such an unforgettable experience.

"Once a person loses badly, he will be jealous."

Lin Gong earned his first million in his life through Amazon in 2018, and from then on he recognized that Amazon is a career that can be done for a lifetime. However, the good times did not last long. Because the two main links were out of stock, the traffic dropped sharply.

After the new goods are put into storage, the sales volume has been unable to recover, which is due to the weight decline and the increasingly fierce market competition. A large number of stocks were overstocked, and Lin Gong's capital turnover began to have problems.

"In fact, the situation would be much better if we stopped at that time, but at that point, people had lost their senses, commonly known as" red eyed "."

Lin Gong felt that he could earn the first million yuan,You can earn back the money you lost, and the more you investIn the end, we not only lost all the millions we had earned before, but also owed a lot of foreign debts.

"The debt is almost paid off now. I still work as an Amazon, but every product will give me a red line,Once the sales volume and profit fail to meet the standard, we will resolutely give up. "

Lin Gong believes that some people can indeed turn against the wind, but how much luck does it take? Maybe if you stick to it a little longer, you may have a bigger chance, but you may also fall into a bigger crisis.

Therefore, after the loss in 2019, Lin Gong has been exhorting himself not to make rash progress,It is better to "eat less meat" than to stand under a dangerous wall.

Andy, a senior insider, also introduced sellers with similar experience. The seller continued to invest without hesitation after losing 500000 yuan.

Andy asked why, and the seller said that he felt he could "win" the next time. Life is so short. If you gamble, you will win the Xiangche tender model and lose the pickled radish. It's a big deal to start again.

"This kind of 'gambler's heart' is very common among sellers. Many people think that I have the money to go it alone,If you lose all your capital, it's a big deal to find a company to continue working and accumulate capital for next time.This attitude is not good. "

Andy said that it is very difficult for people who have gone out to work alone to return to the workplace. It is not only a question of whether they can pass the time, but also a question of whether companies are alert to such job seekers and think that such employees are not practical.

"It is difficult for a man who has driven meat to be vegetarian again."

Hong An, a seller in Guangzhou, believes that his biggest psychological obstacle to not giving up Amazon is himself.

When Hong An decided to go Amazon alone in 2016, he borrowed 100000 yuan from his parents as the starting fund.

During the Spring Festival of 2017, Hong An drove a 300000 BMW home,He obviously felt the comfort of his parents, the envy of his neighbors and the envy of his neighbors.

All of this made him feel happy. Hong An admitted that he was a vain person.

As a result, after a loss of 500000 yuan in 2020, Hong An could not accept it for a while, nor did he know how to face his family, but he was afraid that his neighbors would know about it.

"What can we do? We can only continue to do it and earn back what we lost."

Driven by this mentality, Hong An has invested more and more in Amazon. After losing 500000 yuan, he still has some cash flow, but now he owes 200000 yuan in loans.

The phenomenon similar to Hong An is also common among Amazon sellers.

Many sellers leave their hometown to drift deep and wide just to find opportunities and learn skills.

However, the local customs of the native place, those unknown bitterness of struggling alone, will eventually become a shackle to the seller's mind.

Clothes of brocade do not return home, just like brocade at night.

Since we want to return to our hometown, we must return to our hometown in fine clothes.

As a result, we can only be "on the line" with our original choice, "if we fail, we will become benevolent".

Amazon's "addiction" of e-commerce platform: Lose 2 million yuan, continue to sell houses, and be happy as long as you make an order

Zheng Zhongjun is an old seller. At the beginning of 2020, when there was a serious shortage of masks, I spent my savings from Amazon for several years, totaling 1 million yuan, to buy a batch of masks.

However, due to the late arrival, 10 million masks were stacked in the warehouse and could not be sold out, which led to a debt.

If the road to masks is impassable and you have a huge debt, you can only "ask" for your old business.

Zheng Zhongjun wants to expand the scale and speed up the operation by increasing the investment in Amazon's business,After making money, fill the hole left by the mask business.
It borrowed all the money through credit cards, online loans and other channels, such as JD and 360, and finally raised 600000 yuan to invest in a large outdoor lamp.
His idea is very simple. He is optimistic about the product. If it can be made into a blockbuster, he will be able to turn around.

However, Zheng Zhongjun did not wait for the opportunity to come to Soha. Because of the certification problem, these outdoor lights have been stuck in the warehouse and cannot be put on shelves. After three months, the goods were destroyed by Amazon,

However, Zheng Zhongjun, who had not paid the balance of the goods, was called by the supplier for debt collection. In desperation, I had to take my wife and children back to my hometown.

Amazon's "addiction" of cross-border e-commerce platform: Lose 2 million yuan, continue to sell houses, and be happy as long as the order is issued

The previous loan of 600,000 yuan has rolled into more than 2 million yuan under the condition of rolling profits. Many friends of Zheng Zhongjun have received the reminder information from the loan platform.

Whether you are working in Amazon or other businesses, if you are under pressure and want to be quick, you can easily step into the hole you can usually pay attention to and fall down heavily.

Seagoing Amazon "Addiction": Lose 2 million, continue to sell houses, and be happy as long as you make an order

"What else can I do except Amazon?" This is the confusion of Henry, the seller, and also the important reason why many sellers have to continue to work for Amazon after they are frustrated.

Henry has been in contact with Amazon since 2014, and has done both distribution and boutique.Not only self-study, but also applied for various seminars.

In order to make the link become a blockbuster, Henry spent countless efforts on his phone and thought he was almost proficient in Amazon's operating skills.

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