What are the factors that affect Amazon's advertising ranking? Listing performance has little impact


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What are the factors that affect Amazon's advertising ranking when going to sea? Listing performance has little impact

Sellers who have worked on e-commerce platforms know that advertising can quickly improve the ranking of products, increase product exposure and click through, and quickly improve the ranking of products, which helps users find products faster and guide customers to place orders correctly and quickly. Amazon advertising is also one of the channels for many sellers to launch. Today, we will talk about the factors that affect Amazon's advertising ranking.

There are many factors that affect Amazon's advertising ranking, such as how well keywords match, how much keywords are set, and how well the listing page is optimized. These may all be factors that affect Amazon's advertising.

Factors Affecting Amazon's Advertising Ranking

1、Keyword matching

Amazon AdvertisingThe seller needs to set keywords for the manual advertising of. The better the keyword matching is set, the faster the user can search your product. The premise is that when setting keywords, the keywords related to the product should not be irrelevant.

The selection of keywords needs to be related to your product, and the keywords also need to match with the keywords searched by consumers. The more relevant, the better the matching ranking will be.

You can obtain keywords from competitors, as well as words from the search box, and long tail keywords from products with good sales. There are many ways to obtain keywords. Accurate keywords can effectively improve the ranking of products and reduce the cost of advertising.

2、Advertising expenses

This is well understood. Advertising also has its own algorithm, which basically means that whoever bids higher will be ranked first. If other factors are the same, those who bid higher will be ranked first.

3、Product evaluation

When users buy a product, they will basically check the comments. If there are many favorable comments about the product, they will have a great chance to buy it. Comments are a direct way for consumers to react to the product, which can effectively increase the ranking of the product.

If the product is the same, and other factors are the same, users will definitely be willing to buy the product with more favorable comments, and good ranking will also affect the advertising ranking.

4、Listing performance

The listing page includes a lot of content. The title writes the core selling points. The pictures conform to Amazon's rules. High quality review comments,

Set reasonable keywords in the listing page. When users search for product keywords, they will be able to pop up your page immediately, make the listing page relevant, and quickly improve Amazon's advertising ranking.

5、Gold shopping cart

For sellers, Amazon FBA can give priority to gold shopping carts. Under the same conditions, sellers with gold shopping carts are generally favored by users because they can directly join the shopping cart to purchase products, which is very convenient.

With Amazon advertising, if the seller has a shopping cart, it is easy to find products. If the seller has a gold shopping cart, he has to fight for it, which is not conducive to the display of advertising. Therefore, the gold shopping cart is also one of the factors that affect Amazon's advertising ranking.

6、Click through rate and conversion rate

The click through rate and conversion rate can reflect whether the product is required by users. The high click through rate and conversion rate indicate that the keyword matching is very good. At the same time, it can quickly improve the ranking of the product and also affect the ranking of Amazon advertising.

The conversion rate will increase only when the product has clicks. The conversion rate is a key factor in search ranking.

Although Amazon's advertising ranking is a paid system, the highest bidder will be ranked first, but the premise is that the listing page should be optimized well, keyword matching should be done well, and the price of keywords should be set reasonably. If none of the requirements are met, the advertising ranking will not go up.

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