What does Amazon product authenticity complaint mean? What materials need to be provided?


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What does the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon product authenticity complaint mean? What materials need to be provided?

As we all know, Amazon officials have many restrictions on third-party sellers of the platform, such as product sales, after-sales service, logistics and distribution, which have clear platform policies to guide sellers.

Of course, these platform policies are mainly designed to prevent bad sellers from exploiting platform vulnerabilities to defraud consumers of their property.

Similarly, Amazon has zero tolerance for the infringement of the platform and the sale of counterfeit and shoddy products.

And product authenticity complaints often occur on the platform. In a sense, product authenticity complaints are also a kind of infringement.

So, what is Amazon's authenticity complaint?

Authenticity complaint means that the platform consumer complains to Amazon when he/she finds that there is "wrong goods" or "fake goods" after buying and using the product.

To put it simply, the seller has been complained about selling fake goods.

At present, domestic sellers often exaggerate the functional features of their products when they promote their products. As a result, consumers find that these functions cannot be realized after purchasing the products, so they are subject to authenticity complaints.

How should Amazon sellers respond to consumer authenticity complaints?

According to the complained sellers in the past, after receiving a authenticity complaint, Amazon will send a warning email with the following description: copies of invoices or receipts from your supplier.

That is, the seller needs to provide the product "invoice", because for Amazon's audit team, the supplier invoice best reflects the authenticity of a product or supply chain.

In addition, the seller should also pay attention to the following points when providing invoices:

oneThe seller cannot provide invoices issued on behalf of others, machine printed invoices or self-made invoices. These false invoices cannot be used as formal invoices, and Amazon will not pass the audit.

twoOne or more invoices must be provided to Amazon based on the ASIN quantity in the listing to be reviewed.

threeThe invoice opening address and company information provided by the seller must be consistent with the Amazon account information.

At the same time, Amazon also stipulates that the invoice type must be a VAT invoice and cannot be replaced by an order contract or a delivery note.

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