Amazon Japan FBA air freight warehousing process and precautions, can the label be printed with UPC code


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B2b Amazon Japan FBA air freight warehousing process and precautions, can the label be printed with UPC code

Amazon has many websites. Amazon Japan Station is also one of the stores that sellers often register. After the products are put on the shelves, the sellers will send the products to the FBA warehouse. What are the procedures and precautions for Amazon Japan FBA air transportation? Today, we will talk about the FBA air transportation process of Japan Station.

There are relatively few sellers in Amazon Japan, and the market potential is great. Japan has a large amount of national support. Japan also has preferential policies such as rent for the first month and monthly promotion. At the same time, the logistics of the Japanese station has a relatively close advantage, so it can spend less logistics costs, and the first journey cost of Amazon Japan FBA will also be less.

What is the first journey of Amazon FBA

The first step of Amazon FBA is simply the process in which domestic logistics service providers provide customs clearance, tax payment and other services to transport the seller's products to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

FBA's first journey transportation methods include air transportation, sea transportation and international express delivery. The seller does not need to worry about all the processes in the middle. It is a first journey service that the seller can handle. Whether it is delivered to the Amazon warehouse established by Germany, the United States, France, etc.

Precautions for Amazon Japan FBA Airlift

1、Confirm the consignee information before shipment

This is very important. Before shipment, the seller should confirm the local address in Japan and the information of the recipient. The Japanese station is very strict with this requirement. If it is not correct, it will affect the signing of the goods. Maybe the customs will refuse to clear the goods, which has a great impact on the seller.

2、Customs clearance

When the plane arrives at the destination airport, the customs will check the goods, and the quantity and name of the goods should be consistent. The Japanese station is very strict in checking this. If it does not match, it may not be able to clear the customs normally if the low declaration is found.


The seller must remember to declare the product name and quantity truthfully. If there is a problem, the product may be detained. The starting point of Japanese tariff is generally 8% to 15% of the value of the goods.


Amazon's warehousing requirements areFNSKU label starting with "X00"The seller must not print the ASIN or UPC code. If the printing is wrong, the goods may not be warehoused.


When selecting products, the seller must pay attention not to infringe. No matter the outer packaging, name or trademark, there should be no infringement. If the customs finds that the goods are infringing, they may be directly destroyed, which will cause great losses to the seller's interests.

6、Pay attention to the weight of goods

As a seller, the goods should be as heavy as possible according to the weight specified by Amazon, and should not be overweight. If the goods are overweight, rectification and measures should be taken in a timely manner, otherwise the overweight goods may be put aside, which will not only delay the product's shelf time, but also may be required to explain the situation, which is very troublesome.

Amazon Japan FBA first flight process

The process of Amazon Japan FBA first air transportation is very simple. First, it is shipment. Select Japan FBA first air transportation, package, post a bill and transport to the airport for customs clearance, fill in information and freight;

The cargo is loaded into the aircraft cargo warehouse, and the aircraft takeoff is affected by weather factors;

Usually, the air transportation process is relatively short, and customs clearance is carried out at the airport of the destination country after arrival. This customs clearance is more strict, and the goods with problems may be refused to enter the customs;

The goods that pass the customs clearance can be picked up. The service chamber will transport all the goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse. The seller can know the logistics track through the logistics order number.

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