How can Amazon sellers improve product sales? The negative review has little impact


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How do overseas Amazon sellers improve their product sales? The negative review has little impact

Traffic is the guarantee of sales volume. No one can browse and click on a good product, and there is no sales volume in the end. For Amazon sellers, we must find ways to improve product sales. What are the good ways for Amazon sellers to improve product sales? Follow Xiao Bian to learn about product sales.

Amazon sellers want to increase the sales volume of their products. First, they should be careful in selecting products. They should not choose products prohibited by Amazon, such as dangerous goods. They should do a good job in selecting products. Later, when they do a good job in promotion, the sales volume of their products will soon increase.

How Amazon Sellers Improve Product Sales


For products with low traffic, sellers can properly invest in advertisements, such as CPC, PPC, etc., which are paid advertisements on the site. According to click charging, traffic can be quickly increased. With more traffic, the conversion rate will naturally increase, and the sales of products will also increase.

2、product quality

Product quality is also critical. If the product quality is poor, it will receive poor comments from many buyers, which will not only affect sales, but also affect the listing page. Therefore, the seller must ensure the quality of the product.

3、Select Product

As an Amazon seller, if you choose the wrong product, it will also have a great impact on the sales of the product. For example, the pumpkin lantern you choose only sells well before Halloween. Once the holiday is over, it may become a slow selling product. Also, seasonal products should be avoided, which will affect the sales of the product.

4、Prepare inventory

The sales volume of the product is good. The seller must prepare sufficient inventory. If the sales volume of this product has been stable and the product has been advertised, the traffic suddenly increases a lot and the conversion rate also increases. But suddenly the product inventory is insufficient, which affects the sales volume of the product. The seller must check the inventory on time and prepare sufficient inventory to ensure the sales volume of the product.

5、Optimize listing page

If the title of the product is not attractive, the keywords are stacked seriously, the pictures are unclear, and the selection of classification nodes is wrong, these are the reasons that affect the sales of the product. Every link of the listing page must be carefully done, which is the premise to improve the sales of the product.

6、Shipped by Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is Amazon's proprietary logistics, which has its own unique advantages. From picking to packaging to shipping, sellers don't need to worry about it, including after-sales Amazon will also solve all the problems of sellers. At the same time, when choosing Amazon FBA, sellers have many privileges. It has many benefits for sellers, and it is also the key to improving product sales. Therefore, sellers prefer FBA for their logistics model.

7、Join the seckill promotion

Amazon will irregularly hold seckill promotion activities, such as BD, LD, DOTD, etc. Sellers can quickly increase product traffic by participating in seckill. When there is traffic, product sales will increase.

8、Seize the golden shopping cart

80% of foreigners buy things through gold shopping carts. The gold shopping carts are the guarantee of sales. Amazon sellers must seize the gold shopping carts in time to improve the sales of products.

9、Improve the quality of comments

Most users like to check the comments when they buy things. If the seller's shop has bad comments, the buyer will definitely not see them again. Whether it is a review or a qa, the seller should check them in time. If there are bad comments, the seller should contact the buyer in time to see if they can be deleted, or use the correct method to deal with them. The bad comments have a great impact on the sales of the product.

There are many ways for Amazon sellers to improve their product sales. Whether it is on site or off site, sellers must start from reality and develop plans that meet their own stores to effectively improve product sales.

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