JD plans to increase overseas investment to challenge Amazon's giant position?


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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JD, the cross-border e-commerce platform, plans to increase overseas investment to challenge Amazon's giant position?

According to an executive of JD,JD.COMIt will further increase overseas investment and expand overseas business

In terms of expanding overseas business, JD is not as aggressive as Alibaba. However, the continued international expansion of these two Chinese e-commerce giants will challenge Amazon's leadership in the global e-commerce field, at least in some countries and regions.

Xin Lijun, the new CEO of JD Retail Business Department, said that in the next few years,JD (JD. com) will increase investment in countries that conform to the company's strategy,includeIn warehouse, logistics, supply chain, etc, as long as there is a business need.

Xin Lijun also revealed that JD isVietnam and European marketsThrough in-depth strategic analysis, these two markets may be the markets that JD will enter recently, at least now they are under investigation.

How about JD's current international business?

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that so far, JD's international expansion has mainly focused on investment and joint ventures.

For example, in 2017, JD established a joint venture with Central Group, a Thai retailer, and launched an e-commerce platform in Thailand the next year.

For another example, in 2019, JD gaveVietnam e-commerce platform TikiInvest and become the largest shareholder of Tiki.

In addition,JD also operates the international e-commerce platform Joybuy.com, serving consumers all over the world, Joybuy.com's roleEquivalent to Alibaba's AliExpress

Joybuy.comThe platform of AliExpress connects with Chinese suppliers and provides international buyers with high-quality Chinese made goods at competitive prices, with a wide variety of varieties.

Xin Lijun said that JD's logistics department has been leading the company in international expansion, or that the logistics department is JD's advantage. In this regard, it is the biggest difference between JD and other companies.

JD provides multi-party integrated closed-loop services, enabling it to perform well in the overseas market as a whole.

With the relief of the global epidemic and the R&D and promotion of effective drugs, the international environment for business expansion will continue to improve, so as to better support JD's international business.

Alibaba was fined $2.8 billion, and JD was unaffected

In the past year, Chinese science and technology enterprises have faced a series of new regulatory policies, especially in the fields of Internet platform antitrust and data protection.

These new regulations caught investors off guard, causing the market value of China's Internet industry to evaporate billions of dollars last year.

Alibaba and JD, as the two major domestic e-commerce giants, are more focused on sustainability and inclusiveness, instead of peddling large discounts and promotions as they did in previous years.

In April this year, Alibaba was fined $2.8 billion in the antitrust investigation, while JD has not received such severe punishment.

Xin Lijun said that JD was willing to accept the new regulations, and believed that these new regulatory measures and regulations were "positive", which would help limit enterprise behavior, enable consumers to enjoy better services, and create a fairer competition environment.

In the eyes of regulators and partners, JD is a "good student", and almost all services follow the most stringent regulatory standards.

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