What is Amazon Outlet and its rating is 3 stars. Can you participate


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What is the cross-border information Amazon Outlet, and is it possible to participate at the level of 3 stars

For Amazon sellers, seasonal products or holiday products are often overstocked, so it is necessary to digest the inventory in a reasonable way,Amazon OutletIt is to solve the seller's problem. Today we will talk aboutOutletThe problem of.

Amazon's computer and mobile terminals are both equipped with outlet entrancesIt is very convenient for sellers. According to BlueOcean Yiguan, 77% of sellers participatedAmazon OutletIt will help to increase sales.

What is Amazon Outlet

Amazon Outlet is a clearance method for sellers' unsalable products and overstocked products. To put it simply, it helps sellers digest excess inventory.

Amazon OutletThere are two ways to deal with unsalable inventory: one is through the submitted promotional offers by Outlet Deal, and the other is through the submitted price reductions by Outlet Sale.

The sales promotion submitted by the Outlet Deal through Create an Outlet Deal is sold by Amazon, usually for two weeks, within a relatively fixed period.

Outlet sale refers to the price reduction submitted through Create a sale. According to customer demand, product grade and other factors, the seller selects the most appropriate sales method to clear up unsalable inventory.

Conditions for participating in Amazon Outlet

1、First, the products distributed by Amazon FBA;

2、The product must be new, not second-hand or old;

3、Subscribe and Save are not registered;

4、Amazon level is at least 3 stars;

5、Follow Amazon's product review rules without violating Amazon's rules;

How to create Amazon Outlet

1、From Seller CenterIn the Inventory drop-down menu, select Inventory Planning, and then click the Manage Excess Inventory tab;

2、Select from the drop-down menu on the right side of the productCreate Outlet deal

3、Then in the pop-up window, enterOutlet DealThe highest price is the lowest price of the new product provided by the seller. The entered price must be less than or equal to the highest price;

4、go overOutlet DealThe start date and end date of the. Confirm the date and click Submit.

If the application is approved, Amazon will send you an email notification. Some applications may not be approved.

Amazon Outlet does not charge extra fees, but only charges standard delivery fees and referral fees, which is very convenient for sellers.

Amazon OutletIt can not only help the seller to increase sales, but also quickly remove excess inventory, so that the seller can get more cash flow without charge. It is beneficial for the seller.

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