How to synchronize products from Amazon US site to other sites


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How to synchronize e-commerce platforms from Amazon's US site to other sites to sell products

Want to get fromAmazon US siteSync to another siteSelling products such asCanadaStation andMexicoStation, the seller can useThe projectAmazon Logistics Remote Distribution Plan(Remote Fulfillment with FBA

IRemote Fulfillment with FBA

oneLog in to Amazon Seller Center.

2. Enterhttps : / / sellercentral . amazon . com / rafn / inventory

threeStudy the cost

How to synchronize b2b from amazon us site to other sites to sell products

(1) Unless listing appears inCustomer'sSite, otherwise theyRemote Fulfillment cannot be purchasedproduct

twoAutomatic listings creationautomaticlistingestablishCan let the sellerIt's easy toCanadaAnd MexicositeCreating the United Statesoffers

threeBlue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,IfAmazon SellerAlready ownedFrom anotherSite ConnectionBuild International Listings to Canada and Mexico, or Canada orMexicoAs Sourcesite, Automatic listings creation will not work.

3. Amazon sellerWill need to beAmazon Seller CenterestablishSource site (USA), and useBuild International ListingsFunction.

oneIfAmazonsellerAlready in stock in Canada and MexicoAnd SKUsSame as USANote:

twoIf available in Mexico and/or CanadaASINInventory, insellerASIN may not meet the“Remote Fulfillment”Qualification of.

threeIfsellerExisting for Canada or Mexicooffers, but there is no domestic inventoryoffersWill besellerWhen registering this itemStart selling at existing prices through Remote Fulfillment.

fourIfsellerYou have registered "Remote Fulfillment" and can choose whether to sell ASINs locally,sellerbe prone toYou canfromprojectRemove ASINs inneeduseASIN Status Report

fiveSome Amazon sellers cannot use both local and Remote FulfillmentShipping ASINs。 If this is the case,sellerYou can use reports to add offers back to the Remote Fulfillment process after the local country's inventory is sold out.

fourYou need to delete all seller fulfilledoffersandlisting:

How to synchronize e-commerce platforms from Amazon's US site to other sites to sell products

fiveClick the checkbox to agree to the terms and confirm the registration. This process is simple. Amazon willAt this timeLet's deal with the rest. Complete RegistrationaftersellerJust check if you need to delete any ASINs.

How to sell products from Amazon US site to other sites

sixProduct successfully registeredAbout 15 minutes after starting Remote Fulfillment for all productsAutomatically add toAmazon CanadaAmazon Canada Station

How to synchronize cross-border e-commerce platforms from Amazon US sites to other sites to sell products

IIsellerPossible problems

Amazon SellerRegistered "Remote Fulfillment" in Canada and Mexico, but manylistingNot registered.

1. SellerCan be used“Build International Listings”, and push allregisteroflistingFrom the United StatessynchronizationTo Canada and Mexico.

twoperhapssellerNeed to deletelisting, and restart Build International Listings,takeThe United States as a source marketplace

How to synchronize b2b from amazon us site to other sites to sell products

Through toAmazon Selling Partner SupportSend email,Amazon Sellers Support GuidancemeetingInstruct how to deal with unauthorized products sold in Canada or Mexico, but sold well in the United States

manylistingNo,coverThe reason for registration is that these ASINs cannot be registered in the United States, Canada and MexicositeShared, because these ASINs do not belong to the risk classification of exportable projects.

Amazon continuously monitors factors that may affect ASIN qualification to ensure imported productsyessecurityofWhen ASIN becomes unqualified, it is most likely due to changes in trade compliance regulationsOr Amazon's risk assessment.

Blue Ocean Yiguan learned that ifAmazonSeller'sASIN does not qualify for Remote Fulfillment, butsellerIf you still want to sell it in Canada or Mexico, you can send it directly to that country for sale through FBAOr list it as seller fulfilled offer.

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