What is Amazon QA? Can QA problems be deleted


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What is Amazon QA on cross-border e-commerce platform? Can QA problems be deleted

Amazon QA provides accurate answers to customers' difficult problems, which can well solve customers' concerns. There are limits to asking questions about QA. Not everyone can ask questions. Today, Blue Ocean Yiguan will take you to learn about Amazon QA.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds you that,Amazon QADon't ask and answer yourself, or you will die miserably. We must follow Amazon's rules. In the new product period, we can arrange 3 QA, which can be increased to a certain extent. After the store is mature and stable, we can arrange about 15 QA, which can greatly improve the conversion rate.

What is Amazon QA

Amazon QA isThe abbreviation of Question and Answer literally means to answer questions. 80% of foreign users buy things through online platforms. Of course, they prefer to shop around, compare product quality and price, and then decide whether to buy or not. QA can solve customers' concerns well.

Amazon QA Conditions

1、As a seller, you cannot ask and answer yourself

Amazon QA sellers cannot ask and answer themselves, which violates Amazon's rules and is not allowed. Amazon will punish you for this, so sellers must not step on the red line.

2、Customers who have bought more than $50 in 12 months

Not everyone can ask questions. Customers can only ask QA questions when they have bought more than $50. Amazon informs the seller of the customer's questions by email, and the seller can answer them in a timely manner.

Amazon QA Considerations

1、Key words should be arranged reasonably

Questions are usually asked by buyers, which may involve product quality or after-sales service, etc. When answering questions, sellers should pay attention to inserting product keywords appropriately. Of course, too many keywords should not be stacked and inserted, which will affect the inclusion and ranking of QA. Proper insertion of keywords will not only help ranking but also help sales of products.

2、Organize the advantages and disadvantages of the product

The seller must have a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the product. For example, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this product? Customers may mention it in QA. They must take good measures. They must not ask questions without knowing what to do. They must take precautions and plan.

3、Total number of QA improvements

High quality QA has many benefits for sellers. It is the same as high-quality listing. If the click rate is high, the conversion rate will be high, and the order volume will naturally increase.

The seller's QA quantity should be basically the same as the review quantity, otherwise it will appear very fake and cheating is obvious; It is better to take some product keywords with the questions and answers appropriately, which is very helpful to QA; Try to answer with a real account, which is more trustworthy; At the same time, QA cannot publish advertising content, especially for some new Amazon users.

Can Amazon QA problems be modified or deleted

QA questions can be modified or deleted. For example, if no one answers the question, they can be modified or deleted, but the answer cannot be deleted.

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