What are the Deals in Amazon? LD usually lasts for several hours


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What are the Deals in b2b Amazon? The LD usually lasts for several hours

If Amazon stores want to do a good job in promotion, it is essential to promote on the site. Especially for new Amazon stores, there is no traffic, so you need to do promotion to increase traffic. Amazon deal can quickly increase traffic. Today, we'll talk about what Amazon deals have, which can help sellers quickly increase traffic.

What are the deals in Amazon

We often know that there are BD, LD and DOTD in the station.

LD is the abbreviation of lighting deal. It is a 4 to 6 hour seckill activity. Generally, ASIN will charge 150 dollars. LD can only be performed once a month.

To participate in Amazon LD, there must be at least 10 reviews, and the more the better; At least 3.5 stars or above; The second kill price of the product should be at least 20% lower than that of the gold shopping cart; The distribution logistics service must be Amazon FBA; The higher the conversion rate of new products, the higher the probability of grabbing.

BD is the abbreviation of Best Deal, which can only be declared by the investment manager. You cannot apply for it yourself. BD is free and lasts for 2 weeks.

Participating in Amazon BD must be delivered by Amazon FBA logistics; The price of participating in the Seckill should be lower than the normal price, with a discount of 85% or less; The review should have at least 10 customers; Level is at least 3 stars.

The Deal of the Day is also called DOTD for short. It is also applied for by the investment manager and temporarily closed to sellers. The conditions are very harsh and it is also the most difficult to apply. There are only two to four advertising spaces every day. But the traffic is really large, and there is no charge. It is also called the king of traffic.

The requirements of dotd vary according to different categories. Generally, a batch of goods needs to be overstocked when declaring. At the same time, the requirements for inventory are relatively high, which will occupy part of the funds. If problems occur, the DOTD is canceled, which may lead to the risk of overstock.

What are the advantages of the internal deal of Amazon

1、Improve ranking and sales

Through deal, you can quickly improve the ranking of products. When users search for product keywords, you can immediately show them, which can promote users to place orders more quickly. When you improve the ranking, you also increase sales.

2、Drive sales of other related products

The traffic of the station's deal is relatively large. It is possible that when users buy this product, they also go to see other products in the store, which also drives the sales of other products.

3、Clear inventory

Many Amazon sellers participate in the second killing activity to clear the inventory, deal with some unsalable products, or products with long inventory, such as seasonal products, holiday products, and inventory that cannot be cleared. At the same time, they do not have overstock funds, and they can also reduce storage fees, which has many benefits.

4、Simple operation, accurate flow

The process of participating in the deal activity is relatively simple. Generally, you only need to submit the declaration for approval, and you can directly operate after passing.

The deal traffic is very large. During the activity, the traffic is huge, and the traffic is more accurate, which is good for sellers.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds that not all products can participate in the deal, such as medical equipment, adult products, alcohol, and drugs. They cannot participate in the deal on Amazon. Sellers must work hard to choose products without making mistakes.

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