What are the precautions for Amazon FBA warehousing, and should the goods be labeled with the origin


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What are the precautions for shipping information Amazon FBA warehousing, and should the goods origin label be affixed

Amazon FBA is the self operated delivery mode of Amazon, and also the most selected logistics for Amazon sellers. FBA has many advantages for sellers, such as giving priority to gold shopping carts, and having some special functions that ordinary sellers do not have. What are the precautions for Amazon FBA to enter the warehouse? Follow Xiao Bian to understand.

Amazon FBA warehousingThe seller should prepare many things, such as product packaging control, product labeling, barcode creation, etc., and do a good job in each step to ensure the smooth warehousing of Amazon FBA.

Precautions for Amazon FBA warehousing

1、Limit on warehousing quantity

Generally speaking, Amazon has a limit on the number of goods that can be warehoused. Therefore, it is necessary for sellers to know the information in a timely manner, the maximum shipment quantity and the maximum inventory capacity. If the maximum quantity is exceeded, any punishment will be imposed. As a seller, it is necessary to understand clearly.

2、Grasp the size of the product

Amazon stipulates that the size of one side of the box should not exceed 63.5cm. If it exceeds this size, it should be handled mechanically, and there may also be excess freight charges.

3、The packaging method should be reasonable

Amazon stipulates that packing belts, nylon fiber tapes, staples, elastic belts, etc. are not allowed to be used for boxes that are packaged on the outside. On the one hand, these things may damage the outer packaging, and on the other hand, they are easy to hurt warehouse staff.

4、Strong case for outer case

Amazon FBA enters the warehouse, and the outer box is made of solid packaging products. First, it is not easy to be damaged or leaked, and if damaged, Amazon may reject the goods, bringing a lot of inconvenience to the seller.

Check whether the package is qualified. The seller can pick up the outer box and shake it gently. If there is no abnormal noise, the package is qualified. If there is any noise, the seller can repack it to avoid damage and other phenomena.

5、Label the place of origin

Each country is strict in the inspection of the origin label. To prevent problems during customs clearance, for example, products made in China must be labeled "make in China". Amazon has the right to reject products without the origin label.

6、Control the product weight

Each country has different marks on the weight of the products. If the products are overweight, they will be charged accordingly. The maximum weight of the American station is 22.5kg, while that of the European station and the Japanese station is 15kg.

Therefore, the seller must estimate the weight of the product before delivery. If it is overweight, there will be additional costs.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that Amazon FBA has a lot of preparations for warehousing. Only when sellers do a good job in every detail, can goods be successfully warehoused.

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