What are the traffic in Amazon, and whether the traffic effect of category nodes is good


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What are the traffic in the Amazon website of the e-commerce platform, and whether the traffic effect of the category node is good

For Amazon sellers, in the information age, in the age of traffic as the king, traffic is sales. No matter how good the product quality is, no matter how perfect the packaging is, no one can browse or click, there is no sales. What are the traffic in Amazon? Follow Blue Ocean Yiguan to find out.

Amazon's website traffic is generally divided into natural traffic, traffic from advertising, and related traffic. No matter what kind of traffic, it will play a very good role in product ranking.

What is the traffic in Amazon

1、Category node traffic

The traffic from the category node, for example, if you are a clothes seller, when users search for clothes, they see your products and are more interested in clicking them directly. This is also a part of the traffic, which requires sellers to be careful when setting the category node, not to make mistakes, or they will lose part of the traffic.

2、Accurate flow

This kind of traffic is usually invested in advertising. The accurate traffic that comes in through paid search, based on the accurate positioning of keywords, can well find the products that users need. If the ranking of listing is better, it can be ranked at the top, which is better for Amazon sellers.

3、Traffic from activities

Amazon often has irregular seckill activities, such as BD, LD, DOTD, etc. The acquisition cycle and time of seckill are different. Sellers can choose different activities according to the actual situation. The traffic generated by the activities in Amazon's website is generally large.

4、Associated traffic

We often refer to related traffic as recent browsing, system recommendations, related products in the product details page, or products bought and bought, as well as cross site correlation. For example, the traffic of Amazon sellers in the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom can also be related together. This is called related traffic. All of them are related together, The traffic is also very large.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds that some in station traffic is often ignored by many sellers. They ignore the large conversion rate brought by traffic. Only when there is traffic can there be clicks, conversion rate can be talked about, and orders can be converted later. Therefore, Amazon's in station traffic cannot be ignored.

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