How to obtain Amazon review? Can you swipe the order at will


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How to obtain the b2b Amazon review? Can you swipe the order at will

It is estimated that 9 out of the 10 e-commerce platforms will buy orders without buying orders or commenting on them, which will not increase the trust of buyers. A wave of positive reviews can draw the distance between sellers and buyers, eliminate all the concerns of buyers, and place orders easily.Amazon reviewCan you just swipe the bill? Today we'll talk about the review.

Amazon has always been very strict in checking the purchase order, especially in review. Unlike some domestic platforms, the purchase order is basically ignored, resulting in various disorders in the market and incorrect guidance for consumers.

Not everyone can ask questions about the review. The seller must purchase at least $50 or more in Amazon to make a review.

How Amazon reviews

1、Reviewer Plan

This is the earliest early reviewer plan launched by Amazon. For a seller's new product to go on sale, the applied product must be less than 5 reviews, and the price is more than $7. Generally, the fee for this plan is $60.

This is the earliest review plan launched by Amazon. Although it can bring a lot of reviews to sellers, it may also have negative comments, both advantages and disadvantages. Now Amazon has closed the reviewer plan for various reasons.

2、Real person evaluation

The seller can find people who are interested in the product through the website celebrities, and ask them to help promote the product, or find some online celebrities to ask them to promote the product, and can pay them appropriately to improve the review through real person evaluation.

3、Deals website

Usually, the discount of deals website is large, such asViponSellers can publish products on it. Discount websites generally have a large number of users. By attracting users and receiving reviews from Amazon, some websites may pay a certain fee to publish products.

4、Drainage activities outside the station

You can use Facebook to maintain your account, post and advertise, get some traffic, expand the brand's popularity, and play a good role in brand promotion. This cycle is long. Sellers must adhere to the principle of keeping comments through users' purchases.

5、Service Card

The seller can add a small card to the package of the product, but it is too straightforward. Amazon does not allow this way to leave comments. It's a little more tactful. I hope the buyer can leave a favorable comment. Basically, as long as there is no quality problem with the product, the buyer is willing to leave comments. Therefore, the seller must keep a good check on the product quality.

6、Vine program

Vine is also called the evaluation plan. First, the seller should send the product to the FBA warehouse, and then Amazon will randomly select the evaluator. After receiving the product, the evaluator starts to evaluate the product. This kind of evaluation is more authentic and authoritative. Amazon will not delete it, but it is the customer selected by Amazon.

For the seller, the first thing to do is to send the product to Amazon. It may take dozens of products, and the freight may not be cheap.

Some sellers of Amazon review choose to swipe their orders. Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that there are certain risks in swiping their orders. They must avoid swiping and adopt the correct method to increase the number of reviews.

In general, a seller's rating of 1 or 2 stars is bad, and the average rating is basically 3 stars. There are many good comments from 4 stars and 5 stars. Amazon's review must be of high quantity and quality, which is beneficial for sellers.

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