How should Amazon's title be written? Is the brand plus variants attractive?


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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How should the title of cross-border outbound Amazon be written? Is the brand plus variety attractive?

The impression given by the title is very important. The first impression of meeting people is to remember your face first. The rest of you may not have any impression. The same is true of Amazon titles. A good title can make you want to click on a link to see the product immediately, which can quickly capture people's psychology. What should the title say? Today, Blue Ocean Yiguan takes you to learn about Amazon's title writing.

The title can use synonyms, and use the unique selling points of the product to show multiple uses of the product. Amazon's title can only be popular if it can attract consumers to click.

To write a title, you should also fully understand the product, the search habits of the sales region, and the characteristics of the product. Select the right hot words and write a better title.

How to write the Amazon title

1. Brand+product name+category words

The simplest is often the best. The title is simple and clear, giving a very direct feeling. You can see what it is selling at a glance. It is simple and crude, and often sells well.

This kind of direct writing on the front of the brand is basically a big brand, which is particularly impressive. At the same time, the product layout should be clear, so as to attract customers.

2. Brand name+product name (core keywords)+quantity/variant words

Using the form of variants to write titles can be more intuitive and attract customers. The variants increase the ranking of listing, which will attract more traffic for the new listing and improve the purchase rate of products.

For example, Yingqibao's antibacterial diapers are very specific. You can tell what they are at a glance with simple words.

3、Brand name+core word+derivative word+attribute+function+scope of use+variety

Derivative words can well supplement the variety or quantity of the product, better show it to customers, and reflect the color, model, etc. of the product. It does not need too long title, you can see what the product is at a glance, and you can grasp the customer's psychology.

Amazon Title Considerations

1、The title cannot contain promotional phrases, such as free delivery, and the quality is 100% good;

2、The title cannot exceed 200 characters, including spaces;

3、The title must contain product identification information, such as umbrellas and rain shoes;

4、The title cannot contain decorative characters, such as~! *? #* Etc;

5、The title should be simple and clear, highlight the characteristics of the product, and be smooth and logical;

6、When writing a title, the first letter should be capitalized, except for the middle conjunctions;

7、There are some differences for different types of products, but generally speaking, they should include brand, series and core words.

When writing Amazon titles, you should pay attention to the correct way to write keywords. Generally, keywords are divided into broad keywords, precise keywords, and long tail keywords. You can focus on the core keywords of the product according to the different characteristics of the product, which can reflect the product's personality differentiation, and use punctuation marks and modifying words reasonably.

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