How to use Amazon QA? Can foreign friends use it


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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How to brush the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon QA? Can foreign friends brush QA

A new product has no display volume or clicks. Even if the product is good, no one will look at it. As an Amazon seller, if you want to improve the sales of the product, you must first improve the ranking. 90% of people will look at QA first when buying the product,Amazon QAHow to brush, how to quickly improve the ranking, follow the small editor to know!

Amazon QA is very helpful to improve the ranking of products. It can not only improve the ranking of products, but also help buyers to dispel their concerns, solve the difficult problems raised by customers one by one, and promote the probability of placing orders.

How to use Amazon QA

The number of QA is gradually increasing with the number of reviews, not all of a sudden, because there is no sales volume of new products at the beginning. If the number is increased too much, it will appear fake, easy to cheat, and will be punished by Amazon.

Generally speaking, the number of QA in the initial stage of a new product should be 3 to 5. With the increase of review and traffic, the number of QA can gradually increase. Later, until the product is stable, the number of QA can gradually increase to about 15. At that time, listing will be relatively stable, and there will be no false phenomenon.

Blueocean Yiguan reminded that, as an Amazon seller, at the beginning of the new product, the seller can find foreign relatives and friends to brush a wave of QA. It can be that the seller fixes the question and sends it directly to them, asking them to ask questions as a buyer, and then the seller answers, which is very real. Of course, there is no sales in the early stage, so it is not suitable to make too much, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

The seller can also register the identity of the buyer to ask questions, and then answer them. Of course, this is risky and easy to be detected by Amazon. Therefore, in this way, you must pay attention to avoiding IP risks and cannot use the same IP.

Of course, the seller can also ask questions from the service provider, which is also a way for the seller to give a comprehensive answer to the questions.

In order to maintain the activity of the listing page, many sellers think of swiping the order and swiping the order from Amazon QA. The swiping itself is risky and can quickly obtain a lot of comments. However, the risk is very high, and it is easy for Amazon to find out. It may be blocked, or the account may be reorganized, which will cause great losses to sellers.

Generally speaking, if there are more than 3 QA, they will be placed under the listing for the convenience of users. If there are less than 3 QA, they will not be displayed. Therefore, the more high-quality QA, the better. Of course, they should be consistent with the number of reviews.

Amazon QA is a supplement to product highlights and product descriptions. You can put more long tail words, and then try to bury as many words as possible. It is very helpful to improve the ranking.

No matter what kind of QA promotion method, sellers should choose the correct and formal method to ensure the authenticity of Amazon QA comments, which is good for both sellers and buyers.

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