How can Amazon sellers avoid products from being unavailable for warehousing?


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

At present, the Amazon platform has entered the traditional Q4 peak season. This year, many sellers have been devastated by the platform, so they are looking forward to a perfect end in this period of time.

For domestic sellers, whether they can make a big profit in the peak season depends on whether their products can be successfully warehoused and put on the shelves to avoid the occurrence of failure to warehoused.

So, how can Amazon sellers avoid products from being unavailable for warehousing?

oneCheck the storage capacity limit and product warehousing qualification in advance before warehousing

Taking Amazon Europe and the United States as examples, domestic sellers will face two policy restrictions when entering the warehouse:

One is the storage capacity limitation of Amazon's logistics inventory performance, and the other is the replenishment limitation of FBA in peak season.

Therefore, the seller should check these indicators in advance and make a preparation plan to prevent the occurrence of more than one shipment and less than one shipment, the imposition of excessive storage fees, the cancellation of the shipment or the inability to enter the warehouse.

twoTake extra care on the outer packaging of the shipment

According to Amazon's shipping policy, in order to avoid accidents during the delivery and shelving of the staff, it is strictly prohibited to have packing belts, elastic belts, large staplers, etc. in the outer packaging of goods sent to the warehouse.

Therefore, the seller must pay special attention to the outer packaging of the goods and never commit crimes against the wind, otherwise the products may not be warehoused.

threeThe product information in the cargo box should be accurate and complete

When packaging the goods, the seller must provide important information such as product information in the box, weight and size of goods according to the requirements of Amazon Logistics through the background user interface.

If the seller does not provide accurate or complete product information for this purpose, then Amazon warehouse staff can only manually check, and in some cases, Amazon will even refuse to purchase the seller's products for this purpose.

fourLabel the product

After a series of packaging, Amazon sellers need to attach labels to the shipments, mainly to facilitate tracking of the shipments throughout the shipping process. At the same time, Amazon requires sellers to attach separate and clear barcodes to each shipment.

If the barcode of the goods is incomplete or unclear, it may also face the problem that the goods cannot be warehoused smoothly.(New media of cross-border e-commerce - blue ocean Yiguan website domain news)

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