What is the role of Amazon ASIN? Must the product ID be required when creating


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What is the role of Amazon ASIN, a cross-border e-commerce platform? Do you need a product ID when creating it

ASINNumbering is the basis of Amazon's product catalog structureBrand filingAmazon ASINIt can also protect the brand fromcounterfeitSeller's infringement.

In addition, registering ASINs in the brand registry can unlockA+ Content, sponsor brand advertising, and let sellers visit Amazon's powerful brand dashboard.

1、 Product IDs are not always required to create ASINs

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,stayAmazonProduct ID is not necessary for online sales, such asGTINUPCISBNorEAN

oneFirst, check the Amazon catalog to see if the product already exists. If the product matches an existing product,sellerThe existing products can befeelingAdd on pageofferInstead of GTIN.

twoHowever, ifTheThe product does not match the existing product,sellerApplication requiredGTIN Exemption, and then add the product. Qualifying for GTIN executionAfter that, the seller canOn AmazonframeProduct and create an Amazon ASIN number for it without using UPC.  

threeIn addition, ifsellerWithout UPC, whenproductWhen Amazon completes the delivery, Amazon requiressellerPaste Amazon barcode orFulfillment Network Stock Keeping UnitFNSKU

When creating a new ASIN,The seller can put the product on the shelfAssign SKUs to them whenSKU YessellerInternal catalog number or product identification code assigned to inventory. AndASINSimilarly, SKU is not an international standardized data structure. However,SKUIt can be composed of numbers or letters and is mainly used for internal management, tracking and identification of inventory.

IfsellerNotproductdistributionSKU, Amazon will automatically generate them.

2、 Not all products have Amazon ASIN

AmazonplatformMost products on have ASIN, but not allAll products have。 The exception is books and e-books, which are similar to books.sellerIt is not necessary to create a new ASIN, and books can use its ISBNinternational standardBook numberTo reference.

ISBN is a bibliography of international standards. This allows them to be identified, tracked, and sold by stores, libraries, and other distributors. Like Amazon's ASINs system, ISBN makes it easier to organize inventory, processing, and ordering.

3、 There are many ways to find Amazon ASIN

Whether the seller can accessAmazon Seller CentralAmazon Seller Center has many methods to find ASIN assigned to specific products.

1. Website address

One of the fastest ways to identify an Amazon ASIN number is to find it in the address bar.

Amazon sellers can find ASIN after/dp/of the URL, as shown in the following example.

What is the role of b2b Amazon ASIN? Must the product ID be required when creating

2. Product Details Page

Depending on the seller's location on the page, it may be easier to find ASIN in the product details section. Amazon sellers can also find subcategory, UPC and manufacturer information there.

What is the role of Amazon ASIN in cross-border e-commerce? Must product ID be required when creating

This section usually appears in more than half of the page, just above the customer questions&answers and customer comments section.

3. Use third-party software to find ASIN

If sellers want to search ASIN in batches, they can use third-party ASIN search tools, such as Helium 10's Xray or ASIN Grabber.

What is the role of Amazon ASIN, an e-commerce platform? Must I have a product ID when creating it

This method is useful when Amazon sellers are conducting research on competitors, because hundreds of different ASINs can be seen at a time.

4. Find ASIN in the Inventory Catalog of the Seller Center

If Amazon sellers want to reference the ASINs of goods in their product catalogs, they can navigate to the Inventory tab and click the Manage Inventory option in Seller Central.

What is the role of Amazon ASIN in cross-border shipping? Must product ID be required when creating

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,There?AmazonThe seller can search by product name, ASIN, SKU, etc. Typically, ASIN will appear under the product name.

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