What are Amazon's selling skills? Product quality has little impact


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What are the selling skills of Seagoing Amazon? The product quality has little impact

When doing business on the e-commerce platform, the sellers' biggest fear is that the inventory is too much, and they can't digest it. The backlog of funds also takes up the warehouse. For Amazon sellers, the distribution mode can reduce the inventory backlog very well. Today, we'll talk about Amazon's distribution skills.

Amazon distribution modeThere are generally two kinds of traffic, including natural traffic and advertising traffic. Natural traffic means that all the preparations are well done and the optimization is well done. When users search for product keywords, they can find your products. Generally, this traffic is relatively stable. Amazon also takes care of the new store in the first three months, and later traffic is driven by the products.

Advertising traffic refers to the accurate traffic that is directly brought about by some paid forms of advertising, such as CPC, PPC, etc., through pay per click. This disadvantage is that advertising stops, so there is no traffic, and it is short-lived.

What is Amazon distribution

Amazon's distribution mode means that the seller does not need to stock up, instead, he/she can cooperate with the partner and use the one piece distribution mode, which saves both worry and effort, and the seller can earn money.

Amazon is targeted at the world. There are many users, and the potential market is very large. Amazon's distribution mode is still a large market for sellers.

What are Amazon's selling skills


As the saying goes, "70% depends on product selection", which shows the importance of product selection. When selecting products, sellers should not choose blindly, but should have a certain plan, such as high-quality products, or cost-effective products. They should have a plan, the price should be moderate, and the price should not be too high or too low, which will affect the user experience, especially for novice sellers. The profit of the price is basically between 30% and 40%.

2、Focus on products

We must choose products with good quality, not inferior products. Poor quality is the most likely to receive bad comments from customers. It is a great blow to the store, which may lead to the store being unable to turn over. The seller must strictly control the quality.

Another thing is to pay attention to the selling points of the product when promoting the product. If the product has no selling points, it is as common as other products. If there is no selling point, there is no market. You must pay attention to the selling points and advantages of the product.


High quality reviews will make the listing ranking higher, so that users can search the seller's shop faster. While improving the ranking, they can also improve sales, which will bring more orders later. Therefore, high-quality reviews have a great impact on the store. Sellers must always pay attention to reviews. If they find negative reviews, they must deal with them in a timely manner to avoid many negative impacts.


The sharpness of images can increase sales by 15% to 20%. In addition, the images uploaded on the listing page should be the same product as the one shipped, so you can't fool consumers with images. This is very easy to get bad reviews. Pixels and dimensions must be submitted according to Amazon's rules. Amazon can increase sales by selecting high-quality images for distribution.

5、Listing page

The listing page contains a lot of content. Of course, each of them is important. The title, key points, description, search keywords, images, a+pages, and classification nodes are all optimized to improve the conversion rate of the listing page.

There are many skills in Amazon's distribution mode. Sellers can start from the above aspects. As long as they follow Amazon's rules, do not step on the red line, and follow the rules, the sales of products will gradually increase.

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