What is the preemptive qualification of Amazon Gold Shopping Cart? Can it be obtained with high star level


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What are the qualifications for cross-border Amazon gold shopping carts? Can they be obtained with high star level

If e-commerce platform wants to sell well, the number of views and clicks must be high, which can bring high conversion rate and increase the number of orders. Amazon sellers know that the gold shopping cart is the guarantee of sales volume, which will directly double the sales volume. This is also the reason why many sellers are striving to seize it. Today we will talk aboutAmazon Gold Shopping CartRelevant issues.

As Amazon sellers, they all want to seize the gold shopping cart, but after all, there are few people who can reach the qualification, and there are many sellers who can not reach the qualificationBuy BoxThere are many conditions to be met.

Amazon Gold Shopping Cart Preemptive Qualification

1、Amazon FBA shipment

The seller uses Amazon FBA to deliver goods first, so it has priority to seizeBuy BoxOne seller uses FBA to deliver goods, and the other uses FBM to deliver goods. It is certain that the former has priority, and FBA delivery speed is relatively fast, which is also the reason many sellers choose.

2、High evaluation level

Amazon's rating is stars, which can be divided into 1 to 5 levels. For the same seller, if one is a star and the other is 5 stars, it is certain that the 5 stars can seize the Amazon gold shopping cart. The higher the rating of stars, the greater the probability of seizing.

3、Delivery delay rate<4%

Amazon requires the seller to deliver the goods to the buyer within 17 to 28 days, and within 3 working days. The delivery delay rate cannot exceed 4%. If this time is exceeded, the account may be suspended or the store may be closed, which is also a preemptive featureBuy BoxPrerequisites for.

4、Order missing rate<1%

When replying to the customer's email, the seller must be timely. Although it is not online at any time like the domestic instant messaging, it must reply within 24 hours. The order missing rate cannot exceed 1%.


If the seller wants to seize the Amazon Gold Shopping Cart, the products to be sold must be brand new, not refurbished or second-hand.


When setting the price, the seller should not set the price too low, but also consider the freight, which should not be lower than the peers. Amazon will also check the price. If the price and freight are much lower or higher than others, it is also unreasonable, so the seller should set a reasonable price.


Seller preemptionBuy BoxWhen doing so, we must ensure that the inventory is sufficient. If the inventory is insufficient and the seller does not replenish the goods in time, the shopping cart may be stolen by others, so we must ensure that the inventory is sufficient.

What are the precautions for Amazon Gold Shopping Cart

As an Amazon seller,Buy BoxOnly enterprise users can preempt. If they are individual users, they cannot preempt; Amazon also needs to check the seller's sales history. Generally, the seller should have a sales time of 2 to 6 months, and the higher the seller's level, the greater the probability of preemption.

Amazon Gold Shopping Cart is located at the top right of the listing, with a prominent location and a large font. It also recommends more products to users than ordinary shopping carts, which is also the reason why Amazon sellers want to compete.

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