What should Amazon do in the post closing period?


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When sellers are preparing for the "holiday season" of the first Christmas of the Black Five Network, they are in full swing.

Again, the Amazon outbreak in the first half of the yearAn unprecedented tide of titlesAt that time, the sellers still expressed lingering fears.

Sales collapse, listing becomes obsoleteThe nightmare seemed to have happened yesterday.

What should Amazon do in the post closing period of b2b?

It is difficult for us to predict the impact of the number closure tide and how long it will take to cure the "psychological trauma" of sellers.
The crisis of the title is like a thorn in my heart. How can I go back?
Do you want to continue to be Amazon?
If we continue to do so, in order to avoid repeating the mistakes, how should we adjust the strategic direction, product planning, operational marketing and other policies? Presumably, this is also a problem that haunts Amazon sellers.
At present, there are several mainstream types of Amazon sellers in the industry. No matter whether your store is closed or not, it is recommended that you take 10 minutes to look at it. I believe it can give you some directions.
What should Amazon do in the closing period after going to sea?
Such sellers insist on building a DTC brand for going overseas, bringing Chinese brands to tens of millions of overseas companies, of which the leader is Anker, which was successfully listed this year.
Specifically, such sellers are mainly divided intoStrong supply chain R&DandStrong brand buildingTwo types.
First, strong supply chain research sellers,Its products often have strong supply chain R&D advantages and high product barriers, so they are truly capable of developing products that are unique to others.
This type of product has a high degree of differentiation. It does not need to take the price competition route. It can sell well only depending on the product strength. Operation plays a small role in it.
Second, strong brand and model seller,The most typical representative is the Xiaomi supply chain model that everyone is familiar with.
The products are sold in general, and the threshold for product research and development is not high. However, Xiaomi's strength lies in optimizing the cost and process of logistics, supply chain, packaging and other links to the utmost, and lowering the price of all links.
Even for prices that do not make money in the eyes of ordinary sellers, they can even make profits, and even have the ability to maintain their price competitiveness for a long time. This is how many categories of big sales are done.
What should Amazon do in the post closing period of cross-border e-commerce?
Next, let's talk about the second type of sellers. The biggest difference between them and the first type of sellers is that they don't care about the brand and don't want to go to the capital market. Their most original and long-term goal of Amazon is to earn cash flow.
As long as Amazon can make money, they will continue to run on the Amazon track; When Amazon doesn't make money, the big deal is to change the industry.
Generally speaking, such sellers can be subdivided intoBlack hat sellerandWhite hat sellerTwo branches.
The so-called black hat sellers usually prepare enough brands and accounts to boost sales through such operations as swiping evaluation.
They have made adequate preparations to reduce the probability of being blocked. Even if a brand or account is accidentally blocked, they have a solution to minimize the damage with a large number of brand and account reserves behind them.
In a word, it doesn't matter how many brands and accounts are closed, as long as money can be made, even if all the way to the end is black hat.
For sellers who are determined to follow the black hat route, here are some good risk control and optimization suggestions for your reference:

① Multi brand and multi account

Try to develop in the direction of one brand, one store, and one link. Try to reduce store authorization. Do not operate with the same brand in different regions, and avoid being caught up in a net because of "Lianzuo".

② Priority Distributor Role

In the future, if brand authorization is required, the role of registered agent in the brand role is the best choice. In particular, sellers with violation records in the operating brand should not take chances. It is the best policy to untie the brand binding as soon as possible.

③ The primary account is absolutely safe, and the "account wheel battle" is assisted

Multiple special accounts can be set under a listing to reduce risks. Among them, at least the operation of the primary account must be guaranteed to be absolutely compliant and safe. Other auxiliary accounts can continue to swipe and evaluate the small card route. Once they are closed, they can directly abandon the army, and then continue to swipe with a new number.
After talking about the black hat seller, let's talk about the white hat seller. This type of seller is actually between"Distribution"and"Top quality products"It is the so-called "fine paving mode".
On the one hand, the refined shop model does not require tens of thousands of SKUs to widely distribute goods, but on the other hand, it is much more than the SKUs that may be less than 100 under the boutique model.
Generally speaking, the refined shop model does not need to pay orders, nor will it develop a promotion ranking plan, or pursue the ranking of core keywords. The goal is that each SKU can only pay three or five orders a day.
If you really want to say the difference between the three modes, take the shop with 100 orders at sunrise as an example.
The distribution mode is 1 for 100 SKUs per daysingle
The boutique mode is 100 orders per SKU per day;
In the refined shop mode, 10 head SKUs have more than 5 sunrise orders, 30-40 waist SKUs have 1-5 sunrise orders, and the remaining 40-50 tail SKUs have less than 1 sunrise order, finally achieving the goal of 100 cumulative sunrise orders.
In fact, in general, the black hat players who want to be the brand are the most affected by the Amazon number blocking trend.
After being hit by the closure of the store, many sellers have changed their mentality. They either think about taking advantage of the good times of Amazon in recent years to make money, or think about exploring new industry tracks, or take this as an opportunity to reflect on their pursuit of life.
What should Amazon do in the post closure period of cross-border e-commerce logistics?
Finally, let's talk about the third type of sellers"Capital Acquisition"The heat of the track continues to rise, and such new sellers are becoming more active.
The characteristics of such sellers are: they will directly sell their brands to capital, cash out and escape from the scene; Or you can sell boutique brands to capital, do your own boutique shop, incubate multiple brands at the same time, and sell them to capital after a certain brand explodes.
If you are a seller who wants to follow this track, you may want to know what brands in the current market meet the criteria of Amazon brand acquisition.
Generally speaking, the acquirer mainly focuses on the indicators of three modules:

First, brand.It must be an independent brand facing a certain market segment, and the products have certain differences and uniqueness;

Second, profitability.The brand financial index data is good, the net profit of the past 12 months is more than 200000 dollars, and the gross profit margin is 20%+;

Third, stabilityThe store operates in a stable and compliant manner without many serious warning records. IPR, ODR and other indicators are good. The number of listings ranked high is small, and the score of products and stores is>4.
After reading the above indicators, we must have a clear portrait standard on whether our brands are suitable to join the brand acquisition track and what brands need to be incubated in the future.
Back to the most important thing for sellers, that is, how does the acquirer do the valuation?
In short, at presentSeller valuation=average monthly gross profit in the past 12 months * valuation multipleReceived by the sellerTotal fund=project valuation+inventory, the acquisition multiple is 30-50 times. That is, the seller can realize the gross profit of the brand in the next 3-5 years at a time.
Moreover, the acquirer's acquisition not only includes brand stores, product patents, but also inventory costs, which greatly reduces the seller's pressure to clean up after selling the brand.
And after the successful acquisitionIn the next 1-2 years, we will continue to share the profits of brand growth and the value of brand growth with sellers.You can evaluate whether the price is worth doing.
It can also be seen from the information that the most important factors affecting the valuation are: turnover and profit margin, brand assets (patents, trademarks, supply chain resources), product performance (comments, ratings, rankings), etc.
In addition, choosing a reasonable selling time and selling at the time of the highest brand value can obtain more quotations from the investors.
Whether you are willing to sell the brand or not, you can first contact the investors who buy the track with the brand to understand the value of your own brand, so as to grasp more initiative when you want to sell in the future.
What should Amazon do in the closing period after going to sea?

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What should Amazon do in the post closure period of cross-border information?


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