What is CE certification? What products are CE certification applicable to


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What is CE certification for cross-border e-commerce logistics? What products are CE certification applicable to

For Amazon sellers, when they enter the European market, all products have a hard target, that is, they need security certification, which is the so-called CE certification. Only when a product has security assurance, can buyers be willing to buy it, and they can buy it at ease. Today we will talk aboutCE certificationQuestion.

Most buyers pay close attention to the quality and safety of their products when they buy things, and put safety first. As Amazon sellers, when entering the European market, their products must have a safety certificate, which is also called CE, or product pass, or they cannot enter the European market.

What is CE certification

To put it simply, CE certification is a safety certification mark. It is a mandatory product safety certification system implemented by EU countries, and is intended to protect the life and property safety of EU people.

If the product wants to enter the EU market, it must have CE certification. It will be considered illegal to export to Europe without certification.

Which products are eligible for CE certification

Electronic products, including routers, batteries, earplugs, laser pens, etc;

Wireless products, including wireless microphones, wireless mice, wireless keyboards, wireless readers, Bluetooth BT products, etc;

Power products, including charger, communication power supply, display power supply, LCD power supply, etc;

Household appliances, including TV sets, fans, electric kettles, vacuum cleaners, etc;

Lamps products, including table lamps, energy-saving lamps, chandeliers, portable lamps, grille lamps, etc;

Woodworking machinery products, including excavators, printing machines, printers, cutting machines and so on;

Mechanical products, including bulldozers, drilling machines, gasoline engines, dishwashers, elevators, lawn mowers and so on;

There are also medical devices and toys.

What are the requirements for CE certification

The product shall also be printed with local warnings and precautions, as well as the manufacturer's or authorized agent's trademark and other marks. The length, width, height and thickness of CE certification shall have clear standards. The length shall not exceed 12mm, the width shall not be less than one-fifth, the height shall be at least 5mm, and the thickness shall be at least one-fifth of the height. If the size is to be changed, it shall be carried out according to the proportion, and cannot be changed at will.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds that CE certification is mandatory in European countries and involves many products. 80% of industrial and consumer products and 70% of EU imported products need security certification. Without it, they cannot export to European countries. Amazon sellers should pay attention to this problem if they are stores in the European market.

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