Amazon Giveaway can no longer be used, what can the seller use for gift activities


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Cross border information Amazon Giveaway can no longer be used, what can the seller use for gift activities

AmazonGiveawayPlanning is a way to attract customers and drive sales, but nowAmazon SellerThis function can no longer be used. If the seller wants to carry out similar activities, it needs to use other tools, such asWordPressplug-in unit.

1、 Amazon GiveawayWhat's up?

On October 10, 2019, Amazon announced thatNo longer availableAmazon Giveawayservice。 Before October 17, 2019, customers can still enter gifts, butsellerNew giveaways can only be created before October 10, 2019.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,AmazonThe reason for giving up the Giveaway plan is unclearBut theyyou betIt is an effective way for online stores to expand popularity and promote products.

IIAmazon GiveawayHow does it work?

AmazonGiveawayIt works in a simple and direct way.AmazonThe seller can chooseGive away products to usersHow many prizes can users winThe type of gift.

for example, Amazon sellerYou can choose:

oneGet gifts instantly

twoluck draw

3. First come, first served and other options.

Users can watch a short video or follow an author on Amazon with a simple clickparticipate ingiveawayactivitysellerYou can also give those who don't win giveawayEvent GiftsOne discount code for each person.

Amazon GiveawayProgram PageAs follows:

Amazon Giveaway, an e-commerce platform, can no longer be used. What can sellers use for gift activities

Amazon seller'sGifts will be displayed on Amazon'sGiveawayOn the page,useTo promote Amazon productsPromote sales.

But inGiveawayplatformNo longer availableAfter,If Amazon sellers want to create gift activities, they need to seek other solutions.

3、 How else can the seller runGiveawayActivity?

Even if Amazon no longer provides the Giveaway platform, sellers can still hold effective Giveaway activities to promote Amazon products. There are many free tools that can provide everything the seller needs.

If the seller has aWordPressWebsite, you can consider a free schemeRafflePress

Amazon Giveaway can't be used anymore. What can the seller use for gift activities

RafflePress is a free plug-in for WordPress, which can run the action based Giveaway activity. In other words, users must complete several operations to participate in the seller's Giveaway activity.

The more actions people complete, the greater their chances of winning the grand prize.

Sellers also do not need to build Giveaway from scratch.RafflePress provides several pre made Giveaway templatesTo help sellers achieve their marketing goals.

For example, ifsellerThe main goal of is to increase e-mail subscribers, which can be usedGrow Your Email ListTemplates.

Cross border e-commerce logistics Amazon Giveaway can no longer be used, what can the seller use for gift activities

adoptIn this template, the input operations required to meet the target will be automatically added to the gift widget. This meanssellerThere is no need to build giveaway manually, which saves a lot of time.

sellerit's fine tooAdd more operations to participate in giveaway activities, such as:

oneFollow on social media

twoWatch a video

threeSubmit an image

4. Recommend friends;

fiveVisit a page

sixLeave a comment

sevenAnswer a question

8. VotingAnd surveys

nineSubscribe to RSS

tenAutomatic inputEtc.

The cross-border e-commerce Amazon Giveaway can no longer be used. What can the seller use for gift activities


sellerYou can evenenterprisedemandInvent your own entry operation. For example,sellerYou can hide a password in the product video and ask people to enter the correct password in RaflePress to obtainparticipate inGiveaways.

althoughAmazon Giveaway EventOnly on Amazon Giveaway page, but RafflePress provides more flexibility.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,sellerYou canRafflePress GiveawayactivityEmbed any WordPress article or page, even within a WordPress theme. perhapssellerYou can create an independent Giveaway login page on the WordPress website, andshareURL。

Amazon Giveaway can't be used anymore. What can the seller use for gift activities

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