What are the procedures for Amazon's warehousing, and how much is the long-term warehousing fee


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What are the procedures for cross-border e-commerce Amazon warehousing? Long term warehousing fees are excessive

Amazon has a large number of websites, more than 17, targeting users around the world. The number of sellers is about 5 million, but the number of users is hundreds of millions. The sites that sellers often register include the U.S., Europe, Japan, Britain, Germany, etc. To understand the local culture of various countries, user needs, warehousing fees, etc., today we will talk about Amazon warehousing.

For Amazon sellers,Amazon warehousingThere are costs. Generally speaking, warehousing fees are calculated according to time. There are monthly and long-term warehousing fees, which can be basically divided into these categories.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that Amazon's warehousing costs are basically determined by product size, weight, etc. Different products have different sizes, weights, and prices.

What is Amazon's warehousing process

For the FBA warehousing process, before shipment, the seller should first consult the requirements of the destination country for the entry of goods, and then label and package the products to ensure that there is no leakage or damage, the labels are completely affixed, print the domestic logistics labels, prepare for export customs declaration, and complete the product customs clearance. After arriving at the destination port, the seller should conduct orderly customs clearance and release of normal products. Those that do not meet the requirements may be rejected, Then it will be sent to the FBA warehouse.

Amazon has a new policy for warehousing. Since July 14, 2020, the new policy introduced by the U.S. station is to remove redundant inventory if the seller voluntarily removes the redundant inventory, so as to leave more inventory space for products with inventory performance higher than 500.

Amazon's warehousing fees, whether monthly or long-term, are decided by the seller. Generally speaking, October to December is the peak season for sales, and the basic festivals for foreigners are in the second half of the year, so it is also popular, and the warehousing fees are relatively high;

For products stored for more than 365 days, the excess charge may be charged. Generally, the long-term storage charge is 6.9 dollars per cubic foot, or it is charged based on each product. The long-term storage charge is about 0.15 dollars per piece.

The seller can choose the appropriate Amazon warehousing fee according to the actual capital situation, product characteristics, and logistics factors. There is no pressure on the store and capital.

The seller must pay attention when selecting products. They should be very careful about the products. They cannot choose dangerous goods and restricted products, which are easy to be restricted from warehousing. For the seller, the impact and loss are great. The choice of products must avoid stepping on thunder, and must be analyzed and judged accurately. Otherwise, the warehousing is very affected.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that they must plan the time in advance when entering the warehouse at Amazon, such as how long it will take to transport, how long it will take to transfer, do you need to make an appointment to enter the warehouse, and how long it will take to enter the warehouse. They should be prepared for a rainy day. They should consider many comprehensive factors. They should not be able to come and prepare in advance, so as not to delay the warehousing time and delay the delivery time later.

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