Black Five Sweeping: Another brand store of Shenzhen big seller was closed, and Amazon once gave it a chance


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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In the peak season, another big seller's brand has been blocked.

The brand is Mo * * *, belonging to a big seller in ShenzhenMain products include air purifiers, humidifiers, projectors, knives, etc.
At present, Mo * * *'s brand stores are not available for sale,Many products, including purifiers and humidifiers, are no longer available for sale.

Cross border e-commerce "black five" mopping up: another brand store of Shenzhen big seller was closed, Amazon once gave an opportunity

According to insiders, the account was closed on November 18, before Black Friday, and recently attracted the attention of the outside world.
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According to a senior person of Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce, recently, many big sellers have been blocked. Another front-line big seller has suffered serious losses this year, and has been closed a large number of stores in the tide of number closure since May.
From June to July, its three major brands were banned by Amazon, and 70% of its stores were closed down, more than 300 in total,The relevant frozen funds exceeded more than 60 million.The sales revenue in the third quarter caused by the seal decreased by more than 74% year on year.
The seller mainly focuses on consumer electronic products such as power supply, Bluetooth audio, small household appliances, computer and mobile phone peripherals, and personal health care.
Among them, several brands have made considerable influence in the category of words, and in 2020, the whole cross-border e-commerce business has generated nearly 5 billion revenue.
However, the big seller is very dependent on Amazon, and about 4 billion of its 5 billion revenue comes from Amazon.
As a result, after Amazon has wiped out a number of accounts, it has hit the big seller very hard.
With regard to the number clampdown in June and July, Cindy Tai, Amazon's global vice president, said that, in addition to the abuse of comments, false comments and other behaviors that had been widely concerned before,The reasons for the seal also include the illegal behaviors such as forging identity, offering bribes (cooperating with the third party's gray products), and selling illegal products.
According to the official statement of Amazon, Amazon has given the opportunity to communicate with these blocked brands before.
Some accounts have been blocked before, but they have submitted a plan or action plan that will not violate the rules again,So Amazon completely banned a number of brands, including many big sellers.
These brands that once relied on Amazon's rise are now "shot down" by Amazon from the air, which is really sad.
On the eve of the Black Five Day holiday, the number of titles and comments will be deleted. When the threshold is reached, we will sweep away
In fact, not only this big seller, but also a group of sellers were banned on the eve of the Black Five.
Many sellers reported that on the eve of the Black Friday, they received a warning email from the platform:Suspected of manipulating product sales, reviews or rankings.The closed stores of these sellers include both American and European stations.
More than ten stores of one seller had accidents at the same time. After being sealed, hundreds of thousands of funds were frozen.
A seller said that his account was closed in the middle of the night and had been in operation for three years. Before that, he had also received warnings to manipulate comments. Without the number, he would not appeal.
A seller in France received a notice of sales volume manipulation, and then stores in Europe were stopped. The store is brand new. It had an accident in the critical period of the peak season and unfortunately missed the Black Five.
According to the insiders, Amazon has recently upgraded its risk control on sellers' scalping and was swept to the store again, so it is a high probability that the store will be closed.
At present, it will take a month or two for these blocked seller accounts to appeal successfully, not to mention that the platform is still in the "severe strike period". This time cycle almost perfectly avoids the "black five nets one".
In addition to the title, many sellers' comments were deleted. One seller lost more than 400 comments overnight.
What saddens many sellers most is that the deleted ones are almost good comments, and the remaining ones are bad comments, which are left on the page conspicuously.
A seller synced the comments from the US and Mexico websites to the Canada website. There were 3700 comments in total, but the comments have been dropped recently,About 40-50 are lost every week.
The seller speculated that some buyers' accounts may have been swiped, and the comments they left for themselves have also been deleted.

Cross border e-commerce "black five" mopping up: another brand store of Shenzhen big seller was closed, Amazon once gave an opportunity

A seller pointed out that a batch of comments would be deleted before each peak season or big promotion. This has been set on the system,Set a threshold or a threshold based on store comments or other business behaviors. Once this threshold is reached, the system will start a new round of action.
As a result, many sellers feel wronged, either their accounts were mistakenly sealed or their comments were mistakenly deleted.
A seller said that the stores that were completely operated by white hat and did not have orders printed or listed in Q&A were also judged as operation comments and were also sealed.
In addition to the deletion of machine brushes and customized reviews, some natural comments were also killed. "There is no order, and the real comments that have existed for several years have been deleted." One seller said.  
Conclusion:It's not easy to cross the border. I hope you can reap a lot. If I miss the Black Five, I hope NetEase will have a great harvest. (The first line of cross-border e-commerce)
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