What content can't be written by the seller in Amazon's graphic description?


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Amazon EBCthat isAmazon Graphic Description, can effectively help sellers improveConversion rate。 Some of the provisions needAmazon Sellerbe careful.

1、 Amazon Graphic DescriptionWhat can't be included?

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,AmazonThe content of EBC is specified. To avoid Amazon rejecting content submitted by sellers, sellers need to know what content cannot be included in EBC.

oneCite the company as a distributor or distributor.

twoProvide contact information.

threePlay cheap and attract customers with redundant promotion methods.

fourusetrademark, copyright or registered symbols.

fiveInclude transport details.

sixThe use of low quality and repetitive images cannot reflect the products being sold by the seller.

sevenReference to third party resources or comments.

eightMention warranty.

nineGrammar, spelling and punctuation errors; Too much bold and italics.

10. Inner chain and outer chain.

11. Timeliness content.

12. Mention competitors, their products, or use their brand logos instead of the sellers' own.

These points also apply toAmazon Graphic Description(EBC) Video Content Policy.


1. Submit Submissions

Amazon sellers can now submit 20 applications at a time. It currently requires 7 days for review. However, Amazon will still process some content within two days, especially those that are obviously impossible to be rejected.

2. OnAmazon Graphic DescriptionInclude all important information

According to Sellerinteractive, once the seller hasEBCAmazon will restrain the seller's original and simpleProduct Description

3. Focus on uniquenessselling point

As a brand, it should give priority to the most important selling points among the highlights.

4. The content is brief and concise.

Although it is important to include the necessary information, it should not be too long. Customers prefer short content, which can help them quickly understand the product.

5. Improve mobile friendliness

At present, there are 4.8 billion mobile users in the world, so customers should have a good user experience in mobile shopping.

6. Provide high-quality pictures

ensureIn Amazon's graphic descriptionProduct pictures are related to the products sold by the seller, and the seller should use high-quality images of appropriate size.

7. Check competitors

Find out what the brand's competitors are doing. Suppose that some of them do better than the seller, and the seller can explore and find out the customer's view of it,Use these ideas to improve the product.

8. It is unnecessary to strictly follow the template

Blueocean Yiguan learned that Amazon sellers do not need to fill all the spaces on the EBC template. Amazon will adjust the template for sellers without adding more pictures or text.

In addition, it is recommended thatAmazonThe seller uses EBC for the best selling products to avoid resource waste.

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