How and what skills do new operators of Amazon have


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

As an Amazon novice, there are many things to learn. For example, the selection at the beginning is a big problem. I don't know what product to choose, and I don't know how to promote the product after it goes on the market to get more traffic. These things need to be explored slowly. Today, we'll talk about how the novice can do a good job in Amazon operation, and how to make the novice Amazon grow quickly and become an Amazon expert.

For newcomers to Amazon, there are too many things that Amazon needs to master in its operation, such as market research, early product selection, keyword mining and analysis, how to optimize and write listing pages, analyze competitors, and how to design QA and Review. Even if each content is not proficient, the seller should know what it is used for.

If Amazon novices don't know a lot of things, they can learn from their competitors. As the saying goes, knowing oneself and knowing the enemy will win every battle. They can learn a lot from their competitors, which will help Amazon store in the future.

Amazon also needs to lay a good foundation for its operation. When building a house, the first thing to do is to build a foundation, and lay a solid foundation. No matter how many floors of buildings are built, there is no fear of collapse. Keyword survey is better than building bricks, playing a very basic but also important role.

Amazon novice sellers must do enough research when choosing keywords in the early stage. There are many search methods, such as searching from the Amazon search drop-down box, obtaining from competitors, and obtaining from some data reports in the background.

Here is a reminder to novice sellers that when there is no traffic at the beginning, they can do a good job of advertising and promotion on the site. First, let the product get a wave of popularity. Then, according to the background data reports, they can mine accurate keywords, and then focus on promotion according to these accurate keywords, which will achieve great results.

Then there is the writing of listing, which is to build the foundation of the house. Even if your product is good, but there is no good listing to optimize it. If the listing page is not written well, then the product will not sell and will be useless.

Amazon's operations need to constantly explore, repeatedly adjust, test, and propose solutions when encountering problems, and then solve problems.

If you want to do a good job in Amazon's operation, you also need to be able to calculate accounts. Here, accounting is just accounting. For example, how much did you spend on the purchase of this product, excluding the promotion costs, packaging and transportation costs, and how much is the net profit of this batch of products, the seller must have a certain number of psychological factors. You can't just muddle it up. If you are cheated, you don't know.

Amazon operation should first master Amazon knowledge, such as the basic knowledge of the account, some operations in the background, some channels and methods of operation and promotion, what are the logistics modules, what are the collection methods, and what are the most commonly used, etc. Sellers should have a number of psychological questions, and should not ask three questions.

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