How do sellers use Amazon variants and PPC to maximize sales


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How do e-commerce platform sellers use Amazon variants and PPC to maximize sales

stayAmazonOn this platform, customers can choose a variety of products.Amazon SellerWe must find ways to make their products stand out, maybe we can consider combiningAmazon VariantandPPCTo win sales.

IWhat are Amazon variants

Amazon allows sellers to create a separate (grouped) listing for these same products if multiple products sold by sellers can be considered as variants of each other by customers.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,In this way,AmazonThe seller can display all the variants to the user on a product detail page.

For example, if the seller is selling children's Polo T-shirts in three different colors: red, green, and yellow. Then the seller can create a separate grouped listing for the three variants and name itPolo shirts for kids(Children's Polo shirt).

How do Seagoing sellers use Amazon variants and PPC to maximize sales

According to different products, Amazon sellers can create variations based on different themes, such as size, color, smell, taste, etc. Creating a product variant listing will give customers a different shopping experience.

IIWhy we need productschangeBody?

For any customer, Amazon is like falling into an ocean of fish when searching for products. A good salesperson should catch the customer's attention, understand what the customer is looking for, and show them all the relevant products in the store.

Amazon's product variantsLet buyers see different changes of the same product on the same page. In this way, it is easier for customers to see all products of the seller and compare them. The optimized shopping experience can increase the number of visitors and improve the opportunity to transform into customers.

How do b2b sellers use Amazon variants and PPC to maximize sales

3、 Use Amazon PPC to promote Grouped Listing

When a seller creates a product variant in Amazon, there is aASIN, you can treat it as the parent ASIN (Grouped Listing ASIN). The seller will then have multiple child ASINs (one ASIN for each product variant).

When creating an advertising campaign, Amazon sellers can onlySub ASINCreate advertisements.

When this advertisement appears on Amazon, it will display the picture and details of the selected ASIN. Once the customer clicks on the advertisement, they will enterGrouped ListingAnd select a specific variant.

The important point to note here is that when customers are on the Grouped Listing page, they are likely to notice it and check the details of other variants. This will increase the opportunity for more conversions (sales). More sales will help sellers get more customer reviews, and ultimately enhance the influence of sellers.

When promoting Grouped Listing, you should pay attention to:

1. At the beginning, the seller can create advertisements for each child asin. To monitor performance and control flow,The seller can put these sub asins into a separate advertising group.

For example, sellers can put Red shirts in one advertising group and Yellow in another. Then the seller can add "Yellow" as a negative keyword in the first advertising group and "Red" in the other advertising group.

2. Amazon sellers can monitor the performance of these advertising groups, and after a period of time, suspend the advertising groups with poor performance.

3. If the seller has enough data, it canAdvertise only for the most popular variants.

4. If the seller adds a new variant in the future, don't forget to create a new advertising group for the same content and check whether it performs better.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,AmazonProduct variants will help sellers improve their popularity, conversion rate and sales volume. Organizing variants in the right way will help attract customers' attention and may also be far away from competitors.

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