Heiwuyi linked 2700 pieces of stock every second, and the price was reduced by 43% in a big sale, taking away traffic and orders


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The annual Black FridayThe tanning tide is coming again.
One seller said that on the day of Black Friday,2700 pieces of stock were directly "flashed", and the order came from a listing (product link) that participated in the second killing activity.
Due to the time difference, I was busy dealing with orders at night,Almost a night without sleep.
One link of the cross-border Black 51, 2700 pieces of stock, a 43% reduction in price, captured traffic and orders
A seller said that some operators of the company sold10000 orders, and 2000 orders are less, and the profit is also good.Generally speaking, its company is in the black five networksone5 times the usual order.
Cross border e-commerce black 51 links 2700 pieces of stock in a second, and the price is reduced by 43% in a big sale, taking away traffic and orders
However, in the explosion of orders, more sellers reported that so far, everything was flat, and even orders declined.
A seller usually has about150 orders, but today there are only 80 orders. Some sellers said that the order quantity was 50% less, ranging from 30%. It is basically supported by advertising. Once the advertising stops, the order stops straight.
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One seller said that so far, the unit volume has not increased,Even the sales of some links are one third less than usual,But the ranking did not drop. Some of them reported the second killingThe listing is within the first and 50, but the order has not risen.
Most other products are openAt present, Coupon and exclusive have not seen any significant increase in the ranking.
For some leading products, plus 20% Off coupons,Some keywords even soar to the first page, but there is no order and no conversion, which is really worrying.
 A seller's order quantity this morning was also half less than usual. Like a seller, his productThe listing ranking has not changed, but the number of orders is less than usual.
In fact, the sales volume is not as large as that of ordinary sellers.
"I went to work at 9 o'clock, and the number of orders was two thirds of that of yesterday. These days, there is a downward trend, and nothing happens in Black Five. There is no order explosion, only advertising fees." A seller complained.
Because of the advertising,Advertising expenses soared, ranking rose by half。 Single didn't explode, butAcos "exploded".
Some sellers generally feel that the traffic of this year's Black Friday is obviously not as high as that of last year, and they don't know what the situation is. Twenty days before Christmas last year, the sales volume of Black Friday was higher than that of this year.
If the situation is not optimistic tonight, we will have to promote and clear the warehouse in a large amount. After all, long-term storage costs are a major burden.
Why is the Black Five so cold when it's the best time to buy?
An insider pointed to the essence.He said that Dasu was basically a fight between immortals.Even if the traffic of the whole site increases, orders may still decline.
Because in the Black Friday rush day, people go for discounts. It's very simple and direct to buy for whoever has the largest discount. If your order is down, it may be that the discount of your peers is larger than yours, or your traffic has been diverted by others.
"Your peers hit DOTD and enjoyed exclusive discounts, but you still launched Coupon like usual without any pain, and it is normal for orders to drop," he said.
In some categories, the top sellers directly reduce the price43%, not a second kill, not a dedicated line, but a direct price reduction,Flamboyant"Save 60%" is very eye-catching, which absorbs the traffic at once.
Some sellers also think that the time has not arrived yet, which depends on the situation from tonight to tomorrow.
B2B black 51 links 2700 pieces of stock in a second, and the price is reduced by 43% in a big sale, taking away traffic and orders
Until this evening, some sellers still said that the market was not good. Compared with last year, this year's Black Five increased-100%. We don't need a black five shot ticket. We just want to survive this winter.
One link of Haiheiwuyi 2700 pieces of stock per second, a 43% price reduction in a big sale, and capturing traffic and orders
Other sellers believe that the reason why the online black fifth is so cold is that the online shopping mall in the United States is trying to attract customers,Put out the banner of "zero yuan purchase"Many buyers have gone offline to rush to buy without paying attention to the 20% member discount online.
In addition, last year's epidemic caused orders of cross-border e-commerce to explode, which actually caused many consumers to overdraw their wallets. Last year's order dividend has been shared by old sellers.
The number of sellers has increased a lot this year, but the purchasing power of European and American consumers has not increased. As a result, the competition between sellers becomes more intense.
But then again, although the black five networks are full of bad newsEMarketer predicts that the retail market of the United States will remain in good condition in 2021.
The online sales of Black Five will increase by 15.8%,achieveUS $10.42 billion。 Online sales of One.com will grow12.4%, reaching US $12.12 billion, 6.2 times the average daily sales volume during the holiday period 
Therefore, we hope that the majority of sellers can stick to the basic plate, work hard to iterate, and continue to eat the market increment cake.(The first line of cross-border e-commerce)
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