What kind of seller is qualified to sell Amazon jewelry products


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B2b What kind of sellers are qualified to sell Amazon jewelry products

AmazontakeJewelleryDivided into two categoriesFine JewelryPremium JewelryandFashion JewelryFashion JewelryAmazon SellerneedobtainThe sale of high quality jewelry is subject to approval.

To put it simply, theJewelleryQuality and natureInfluence jewelry category

oneFashion JewelryJewelry is mainly usedNon precious metals and materials.

twoFine JewelryJewelryMetals and gemstonesThere are strict rules, and the seller can use this link(https : / / sellercentral . amazon . com / gp / help / external / G201450260 ? language = en - US & ref = efph _ G201450260 _ cont _ two hundred million three hundred and thirty-two thousand five hundred and ninety)Go to Amazon Seller Center to check the requirements.

B2b What kind of sellers are qualified to sell Amazon jewelry products

IWhat kind of sellers can apply for selling jewelry?

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,For whichAmazonThere are also restrictions on sellers who can apply to sell high-grade jewelry products.sellerMust have


twoOrder defect rate≤1%。

threeCancellation rate ≤ 2.5%.

4. Delayed deliveryRate ≤ 4%.

Amazon has a way to eliminate poor sellers from all product categories. Jewelry, especially high-grade jewelry, is a category closely watched by Amazon. Only trusted sellers can apply for selling jewelry products, and sellers must continue to provide good services to maintain their sales privileges.

2、 Create quality productslisting

No matter what you sell on Amazon, a good productlistingAre essential.And salesNecklaces, earrings and other jewelrySeller ofneedestablishdetailedAndEye-catchinglisting

For example, if someone sees a favorite ring or necklace on Amazon,butCan't seeJewelClear images, they won'tplace an order。 To be sold on AmazonJewellery, need to ensureJewelleryTextures anddetailsCanadopthigh resolution's pictures to show to buyers

IfsellerIt sells functional products such as gardening tools. Product photos may not be so importantBut for jewelry products,pictureVideo is very important. The seller needsUpload HD images and allow people to zoom inSee the details of the jewelry.

Amazon has some guidelinesinclude

oneFollow generalAmazonlistingStandards.

twoAppropriate productAccurate classification.

threeProvide title, bullet points and clear description for the product.

fourUnderstand and complyJewelry Quality Assurance StandardsJewelry quality assurance standard

fiveCompliance with the Federal Trade CommissionFTCofPrecious Metals Marketing ActPrecious Metals Marketing Act, which regulates how companies advertise valuable jewelry.

These areHigh quality listingBasic elements ofAmazonIs a highly competitivePlatform, sellerYou need to use every tool of Amazon tolistingtalent showing itself。 Customer commentsveryImportant. If there is no comment, consumers are unlikely to pay for the product, especially the higher priceofJewelry productsSome good comments can also prompt potential buyers to take action.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Jewelry is a niche market that can be very profitable. Amazon allows people to sell goods worth tens of thousands of dollars. Although these restrictions may deter novicesThe global jewelry market will be worth 230 billion dollars in 2020High priced jewelry is very common in the jewelry market, which means huge profit margins for sellers.

And jewelry is usually light, which means that the transportation cost is low and it is easy to transport. What's more, even in a downturn, jewelry can maintain its value, especially jewelry made of gold or silver. So inAmazonIt's worth selling jewelry.

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