Amazon Europe Station, which is better for sea and rail transportation and which channel is more stable


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Cross border information, which is better for Amazon Europe's first journey by sea and rail, and which channel is more stable

Now the Black Five has started. It's a good thing for many Amazon sellers. It's time to stretch out their hands. They may be able to eat for a year within a month of opening. Amazon Europe Station is also the first place for sellers to open stores. Today, we will talk about the choice of shipping and rail transportation for Amazon Europe Station.

There are many ways to make the first leg of Amazon Europe, such as air transportation, sea transportation and rail transportation. However, the terrain of Europe is relatively special and there are many rail transportation. For sellers, how should they choose the first leg of Amazon Europe?

Amazon Europe Station first choice of sea or rail transport

1、Product scope

In terms of product selection, shipping and rail transportation are basically the same, such as batteries and supporting battery items, both of which can be transported.

2、Canal stability

Sea transportation is greatly affected by weather. If the weather is bad, sea transportation flights cannot travel. Besides, there are also port factors. Port congestion or other conditions will affect sea transportation.

The railway transportation is also affected by weather factors, but it is slightly better than the sea transportation. The impact is not particularly great. Basically, the channel stability is relatively good.


There are fast ships and slow ships in sea transportation, and the prices of the two are different. The price of fast ships is higher, and the price of slow ships is lower.

The distance from the ocean transportation to the European station is far, and the timeliness is relatively slow. It usually takes about 30 to 40 days. The freight is basically between 10 and 18 yuan/kg, and the tariff is relatively low.

The railway transportation is relatively consistent, stable, less affected by natural disasters, and the logistics timeliness is relatively fast. The signing time limit to Germany is basically 25 to 29 days,freightBasicallyninereach15 yuan/kgbetween. Generally, the railway express rarely stops midway, so the timeliness of logistics can be guaranteed.


For sea transportation, there are fast ships and slow ships, so the time limit is also different. The basic time for transportation to Europe Station is 30 to 40 days;

The railway transportation can be divided into express line and general express line. There are few stops on the express line, and the time can be slightly faster than that of general express line. It takes 25 to 30 days to get to the European station. On the whole, the railway transportation is more efficient than the sea transportation.

5、Freight capacity

It can be packed into boxes and containers by sea, with a lifting capacity of more than 71kg and a maximum bearing capacity of 500 tons, and there is no weight limit;

The lifting capacity of railway transport is more than 15kg, and there is no weight limit.

Relatively speaking, the freight capacity of sea transportation is better than that of railway transportation, which can store more goods. For Amazon sellers, when they need to prepare large quantities of goods, they can choose sea transportation, especially large goods, or prepare goods before activities. They must prepare in advance to avoid the timeliness during transportation.

For Amazon sellers, turnips and vegetables have their own preferences. When choosing sea transportation and rail transportation, Amazon sellers in Europe can consider the actual situation, such as the size of the product, capital, how long the goods need to reach the Amazon warehouse, time, etc., and make a reasonable choice based on comprehensive consideration.

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