Indian e-commerce platform Myntra has stepped into the field of social commerce and launched M-Live live broadcast


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Cross border e-commerce platform India e-commerce platform Myntra has stepped into the field of social commerce and launched M-Live live broadcast

IndiaFashion e-commerce platformMyntraRecently announced that it will enter the field of social commerce on a large scale and launch the live broadcast functionM-LiveTo cater to consumers' rapidly changing content consumption patterns and shopping preferences.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,According to a statement, M-Live has brought unprecedented interactive real-time shopping experience to millions of shoppers in India. The company added that,MyntraThe target customers of are young men and women active in the field of fashion and social media, and these customers want to obtain first-classfashionRecommendations and demand trends.

Myntra's social commerce business has three distinct propositions, which can bring huge comprehensive value to consumers, creators and brands, namely M-Live, Myntra Studio and Myntra Fashion Superstar.


Myntra has further paved the way for future shopping,M-LiveIt's a proprietary videolive broadcastshoppingPlatform. This is different from todayActive inSocial media, fashion oriented generationyoung peopleIt resonates.

M-Live aims to promote real-time interaction between consumers and brands, so thatInternet celebrityAnd experts inMyntra APPLive broadcast their planned products andstyleConcept, so that the audience canrealWhen shopping.

Several usersCan be simultaneouslyjoinlive broadcastConversation, M-Live also provides users with the opportunity to shop in the community and learn from the knowledge of the communityobservationBenefit from questions and commentssendWhen the user is shoppingMore confidentBe decisive

2、 Myntra Studio

Myntra Studio provides users with more than 20,000 original and purchasable fashion, beauty and life content assetsassets

Myntra Studio helps Myntra becomeSocial BusinessA leader in the field.According to the Indian Times,In the past six months,The platform itself has grown 25 times.

Compared with other similar influential platforms, some leading brands on MyntraMyntra StudioOwn 2 onto3 times the communityscale, andOwn 3to4 times user stickiness.

This internally built platform has successfully attracted people frommetropolisYoung people and high-end shoppers in second tier towns and even more remote areas.

IIIMyntra Fashion Superstar

Myntra Fashion SuperstarIs a completeShopableDigital reality showProduce some Indian fashion and beautyRong's online popularity.

Currently,Myntra StudiohaveAbout 20% of monthly active users of MyntraMyntra is expected toto4 yearshisSocial BusinessScale willIncrease by 50%.

Social business inIndiaCurrent marketofGMVachievefifteento2 billionWithin five yearstakeachieve160 to 200Billion.According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,According to the industry report, fashion and beauty occupy the largest share of this market, more than 50% to 60%

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