What are the differences between Amazon AHR and seller's performance indicators? Are the penalties the same


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What are the differences between the cross-border e-commerce Amazon AHR and the seller's performance indicators? Are the penalties the same

For Amazon sellers, whether the account status is healthy directly affects the sales volume of the store, and the seller's performance indicators also affect the sales volume of the store. Today, let's talk about Amazon AHR andSeller performance indicatorsRelationship.

Amazon AHR is aimed at the seller's health account. If the seller's account is not healthy, it will appear in red. Green is a healthy state, so the seller should always pay attention to the account status.

The seller's performance indicators are affected by many factors, such as the order defect rate, the cancellation rate, and whether the delivery is delayed. However, if one of them fails to meet the standard, the seller's performance will be affected.

What are the differences between Amazon AHR and seller performance indicators

1、Different contents

Amazon AHR is a supervision of sellers. As long as the sellers do not violate Amazon's rules, the account status is generally green, that is, healthy;

Seller performance indicators are affected by a variety of factors, such as order cancellation rate, order defect rate, shipment delay, shipment cancellation, etc., which will affect seller performance.

Amazon sellers only need toOrder defect rate<1%; Cancellation rate before delivery<2.5%; Late rate<4%Of course, we should also do a good job in product distribution and customer service. If these can be achieved, the seller's performance must be good.

2、Different penalties

Regarding the punishment intensity, Amazon AHR and seller performance are also different.

If the seller violates Amazon's regulations, it will certainly receive a warning first. If it rectifies within the specified time, Amazon will still consider opening up the Internet, and will not soon block its account or suspend its account;

However, if one of the seller's performance indicators is not up to the standard, the seller may directly receive a small red flag email, which is very fast and will not give you time to consider. Therefore, for the seller, it is necessary to do a good job in performance indicators from various aspects and try not to be punished.

Amazon AHR and seller performance indicators are targeted at sellers, but there are differences in severity and standards. Although there are differences, the two are interrelated.

Amazon has always attached great importance to user experience, and has strict requirements for sellers. Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that they must follow Amazon's rules and not touch Amazon's red line, so that their accounts can be healthier and sellers' performance will be better.

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