What is Amazon evaluation? Can buyers place orders with the store several times to leave comments


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What is Amazon evaluation for cross-border information? Can buyers place orders with the store for many times to leave comments

In the information age, most people like to look at reviews first when they buy things. If there are many reviews and favorable comments, then users are very likely to buy, which is particularly important in Amazon's platform. Because Amazon forbids swiping orders, almost all of them are true reviews, so favorable comments will improve users' trust. Today, let's talk aboutAmazon evaluationQuestion.

Amazon always pays more attention to products than stores, and pays more attention to user experience. 80% of foreigners will read reviews when they buy things. If the products are highly praised, the probability of purchase will be greatly improved. Therefore, the importance of Amazon evaluation.

What is Amazon evaluation

The evaluation can quickly improve the product's comments, so that the product can obtain more traffic and exposure. The product can quickly obtain the ranking, increase the number of reviews and feedbacks, and improve the ranking of listing. Of course, it is safe, not so-called swiping.

What are the methods of Amazon evaluation

1、Direct comments

The literal meaning of direct evaluation is that you can evaluate a product without buying it. Sometimes users do not buy this product but evaluate it. Generally speaking, it will not affect the review. Direct evaluation is also convenient, which is very helpful to improve the product ranking.

Praise can directly defeat the competitors and make the seller's products stand out.


Although it is forbidden for Amazon to obtain user email, it can be obtained in a safe way. Sellers can communicate with users via email. They can use euphemism to let buyers leave for review, or use some other methods to encourage buyers to leave a favorable comment, which will greatly improve the ranking of listing.

Often, a small action or hint can make users leave a good comment, and the seller should think carefully.

What should Amazon pay attention to in the evaluation

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that during the evaluation, they must pay attention not to buy things multiple times in the same store, especially for the same products. They can buy related products, and avoid buying the same products multiple times, which may lead to the phenomenon of correlation caused by Amazon's blocking;

When evaluating, buyers must not click the link directly, but search for keywords through Amazon search box, which is more real and meaningful.

As an Amazon seller, you can get a better ranking if the number of reviews reaches 15 or more and the star rating reaches 4.8 or higher before participating in the second kill or promotion.

Amazon has always been very strict in checking the purchase order. If there are many real reviews and high praise, the listing page will rank higher, and the conversion rate of the product will also be improved. Amazon evaluation has many advantages for Amazon sellers.

Amazon evaluation is relatively low in cost and expense, which is a fast way for sellers to improve product ranking.

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