How does Amazon USA compare with Canada? Which is better


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How does Seagoing Amazon USA compare with Canada? Which is better

AmazonThere are many different sites in different countries, however, each country is unique, which means that differences between different countries will affectAmazon siteSales method on. The following isAmazon America StationAnd CanadaSome differences.

Imarket size

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,By 2021,CanadaThe population is about 38.4 million, while the population of the United States is about 331.4 million. The population of the United States is almost nine times that of Canada. This also means that the market size of Amazon US is much larger than that of Canada.

This is a challenge for Canadian sellers because, on average,Amazon Canada StationIts sales volume may be 10 times less than that of the US station.

So, if the sellerAmazon America StationIf you can sell 100 mobile phones per month, you may only sell 10 mobile phones per month in Canada.


The total number of goods on Amazon's US site is about 350 million, while there are only 133 million on Amazon's Canada site.

as everyone knows,Amazon websiteWith so many products, the competition is very fierce. However, according to these data, it seems that the competition of Amazon Canada is only one third of that of the United States.

In fact, it is not necessarily because there are fewer sellers and fewer buyers, so the competition will be more intense.

Competition also affectsPPC cost。 According to Kenjiroi,Generally speaking, PPC is in AmazonCanada is better than AmericaMore effective onCheaper. This is because the saturation of the Canadian market is low and the competition is weak,alsoThat means fewer bidders are raising prices.

butThe disadvantages areBecause the market is smaller, each keyword is in Canadastation's search volume only accounts for its USstationcorrespondingkeywordA small part of.

3、 Pricing

When comparing the same or similar products, the average price of goods sold on Amazon Canada (when US dollars are converted into Canadian dollars) is higher than that on the US station.

This can be explained by two reasons. The first is a simple relationship between supply and demand. Due to less competition, products on Amazon Canada can be sold at higher prices.

The second reason is transportation.

4、 Transportation

It is much more expensive for most freight forwarders to ship goods to Canada than to the United States. The increased transportation costs in transportation will be reflected in higher product prices.

In addition, it will be much more expensive to transport products in Canada than in the United States. As a large country with a relatively small population, the transportation cost is much more expensive and the transportation speed is much slower.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Canada also has far fewer transport options than the United States. This means that if Amazon buyers plan toFBMWhen selling products, this additional cost will need to be considered in the price.

5、 Which one should the seller start from?

The previous article made a simple comparison between Amazon Canada and the United States, but the seller should start from the United States or Canada. In addition to looking at the situation of Amazon sellers themselves, it is usually suggested that sellers start from the US station.

becauseAmazon America StationThe market demand and product sales are very large, so it may be easier to start from the United States and then expand to Canada than from Canada to the United States. In addition, it is generally necessary to consider whether the sellers who sell products on Canadian sites have already sold in Amazon America, and only when they develop well will they consider expanding to other sites.

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