How much does it cost to run stores in Amazon and eBay?


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How much does it cost to operate stores in Amazon and eBay?

Amazon and eBay are the first batch of e-commerce platforms to be built, and they are also among the best in the world. They are often put together for comparison. How much does it cost to open stores on these two platforms?

Generally speaking, the cost of opening a store on eBay is lower than that on Amazon.

EBay stores

1. Listing fee

When sellers create listing on eBay platform, they will incur listing publishing fees.

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that eBay gives sellers the benefit of "50 listings free of publishing fees" every month, that is, the first 50 listings are free of publishing fees.

Moreover, if the seller subscribes to the eBay Store, more product listings can enjoy the "free publishing fee" benefit.

2. Final payment

That is, the sales commission is calculated according to the final selling price of the goods, including freight and handling charges, but excluding sales tax.

The basic "sales commissions" for most products are shown in the table below, with corresponding publishing fees.

How much does it cost for cross-border e-commerce to operate stores in Amazon and eBay?

3. Payment of service charge

At present, eBay requires sellers to use its management payment system uniformly(eBay Managed Payments system)Therefore, the handling fee is now included in the "sales commission".

4. Listing upgrade fee (optional)

If you want to create a professional and excellent product listing, you need to pay the listing upgrade fee. The upgrade functions include adding bold type, adding subheadings, and setting the lowest price/conservative price.

Using any upgrade function will lead to a rapid increase in listing costs. However, sellers can use eBay's "cost calculator" tool to check the price before listing is published.

For example, under the category of "baby&toddler clothing", the seller needs to pay $5.02 for products priced at $22.95 (with listing upgrade function) according to the eBay expense calculator.

In addition, if the seller provides "free shipping" service, it will also absorb the freight cost.

How much does it cost to operate stores in Amazon and eBay?

Amazon opened shop

When opening a store in Amazon, the cost difference between different sellers may be very large. It depends on what products are sold and the logistics method used, whether it is FBA logistics or FBM self delivery logistics?

To understand the costs incurred by FBA logistics and FBM logistics, we take a "washable pet urine pad" as an example.

The product currently sells for $32.99.

How much does it cost for b2b to operate stores in Amazon and eBay?

Use Amazon FBA calculator (for stores in the U.S.), enter the product price in the "Item Price" position, and you can get the costs incurred under FBA logistics and FBM logistics respectively.

How much does it cost to operate stores in Amazon and eBay?

To use FBA logistics, you should pay at least 11.55 dollars; If FBM Logistics is used, a minimum fee of 4.95 USD will be paid.

It should be noted that the total cost displayed in "Your Fulfillment (i.e. FBM Logistics)" does not include the freight. That is, if FBM self delivery logistics is used, the seller should also consider the freight cost on the basis of the above calculated cost to determine the profit margin.

Of course, in the case of FBM logistics, there is only one category of fees calculated above, namely "Amazon store opening" fees, including "referral fees (sales commissions)" and "variable settlement fees", which are also required to be paid by FBA logistics sellers.

For sellers using FBA logistics, the above calculated fees include FBA storage fees and FBA freight in addition to the "Amazon store opening" fees.

Regardless of the logistics method, every seller who opens a store in Amazon also has to pay the following fees:

1. Selling fee of single product or store subscription fee

It depends on whether the seller chooses a personal sales account or a professional sales account. For each product sold, the seller should pay Amazon Rich $0.99 (different from the sales commission); Professional account, you will pay a store subscription fee of 39.99 dollars every month

twoRefund management fee

Although it is only generated when the consumer requests a refund, the seller should also know that Amazon charges $5 or 20% of the refund, whichever is less.

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