The computer desktop is monitored by the boss, and the browsing and chatting content are fully exposed. It's a bit difficult for Amazon to operate


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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An Amazon operator recently reported that he was being monitored by the company's boss.

Every detail of the operation on his computer was monitored one by one.

The operator reported that he found himself under surveillance after working for three months.

The company is small and has few employees. It is under the direct management of the boss.How does the controlling boss monitor employees?

Every computer in the company has an employee account, and the employee has no operation authority. In the computer background, there is a remote control program running, and the superior manager can remotely view each employee's computer screen through other computers.

For example, browsing the website page, whether you are working or fishing, and the account password input process of some websites.

The Amazon operator also said that there are monitoring records on computer disk C, which can be archived and downloaded, but the employee account does not have these permissions.

Sadly, the boss of the company did not declare that the computer was monitored and all the employees did not know about it.

In Amazon e-commerce company, employees are often monitored.

Mr. Chen, an Amazon operator, once revealed that his working computer was also monitored by the boss,And some social media chat records have been intercepted.

In addition, in order to facilitate management, the boss has clear regulations on the email software used by employees, and even requires the network manager to disable all USB interfaces of employees' computers.

An operator working for a hypermarket company said that his office was about 100 square meters, but eight surveillance cameras were installed in the front, back, left and right, and two IP monitors were also installed in the middle, so the voice could be recorded.

"The funny thing is,Our company's monitoring is more than the number of employees。” He added.

The computer desktop of cross-border e-commerce logistics was monitored by the boss, and the browsing and chatting content were fully exposed. It was a bit difficult for Amazon to operate

He also disclosed that the company will randomly check the computer operation tracks of employees from time to time. If employees are found to have other tracks during working hours, they will be dismissed immediately.

After the news was exposed, many Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs of Amazon e-commerce companies discussed it.

 Some sellers believe that many Amazon operators are used to this, because many companies have monitoring. Because the purpose of monitoring in many companies is to prevent serious accidents and problems, monitoring records can provide clues when analyzing the causes.

Another entrepreneur of Amazon e-commerce believes that working hours must be working hours, so everything that is operated on the computer must focus on work. Since it is for work, we are not afraid of being monitored.

However, some sellers objected.

"This practice is really a bit inappropriate. Large companies do not do this. They still do a good job. The smaller the company is, the more things will happen. I have seen some companies deduct wages when employees leave through confidentiality agreements." An Amazon operator said.

An observer said that it is understandable to be worried about employees' mistakes, but a reward and punishment system can be established to be result oriented. If you make mistakes, you can punish them according to standards. You don't have to monitor every move of employees. After all, employees are free people with independent personality, so there is no need to keep an eye on them too closely, which makes the team atmosphere very rigid.

This monitoring behavior occurs not only in small companies, but also in many large enterprises.

In 2019, American media exposureAmazonUse AI technology to monitor warehouse employees. If Amazon warehouse employees spend more time drinking water or going to the toilet than the time set by the system, they will be considered as fishing and face the risk of dismissal.

Moreover, Amazon has been monitoring since 2017.

From August 2017 to September 2018, Amazon fired more than 300 Baltimore warehouse employees through this technology.

In addition, according to many overseas media reports, we can get a glimpse of the working conditions of an Amazon warehouse employee:

An Amazon employee must finish the sorting and packaging of hundreds of packages every hour. The AI system can not only know the work progress of each employee, but also calculate the fishing time of each employee.

AI monitoring uses its own algorithm to generate real-time data. Once the locked value is exceeded, it will directly bypass the management personnel and automatically generate a dismissal report.

"In order not to be fired by the company, we dare not go to the toilet. Most of the time, we solve this problem through plastic bottles." An employee said in an interview.

It can be seen that this kind of unscrupulous monitoring behavior has seriously affected the physical and mental health of employees.

It has to be said that many wonderful provisions of the company will reduce the trust between employees and the company or the boss, and intensify conflicts, and unscrupulous monitoring is one of them.

Why are bosses keen on monitoring employees?

There are two reasons:Closely monitor the staff union to work harder and prevent the company's property from leaking

Some bosses believe that the longer employees work, the more overtime they work, and they will create more benefits for themselves.

However, there seems to be a gap between reality and ideal.

For example, for the employees working on the assembly line in a factory, the more overtime they work, the more products they will produce and the more overtime they will receive.

However, Amazon e-commerce company may not have overtime pay.

Moreover, under the ubiquitous monitoring system, employees will step on the "red line" if they don't pay attention to it, which makes them physically and mentally exhausted as if they were in a cage, and their work efficiency will become lower.

The end result is:One parting and two leniency, everyone is happy

Of course, some bosses have lost their sense of security because of their early experiences.

"I hired an operator before. I worked half a day on my first day of employment, and suddenly left without saying goodbye. I didn't explain in advance, and I didn't return calls or text messages," said an Amazon operator.

Later, the boss tried to inquire about the situation through the emergency contact phone left by him, but found that it was an empty number.

At this time, he realized that this operator was not an ordinary candidate, but might be a business spy or a "spy" sent by his peers.

Because in the morning, the "operator" used the company's computer to copy many key materials, including the company's operating materials, product selection data, etc.

Therefore, in order to prevent the company from making such mistakes again, he had to take some monitoring measures. For bosses who have had such experience, it is even more difficult to let them give up monitoring employees, because once bitten by a snake, twice shy.

Therefore, no matter what industry you are in, your boss and employees shouldMore trust, less suspicion

After all, our common goal is:make money

Finally, an insider suggested that you can know whether your computer is monitored by your boss through the following operations. This method is not necessarily correct and is only for reference:

1. win+r to open operation, input cmd, and click Enter.

2. Enter ipconfig and press Enter to view your own IP address. Just look at the ipv 4, usually in the xx.xx.xx.xx format.

3. Enter netstat - an to view the TCP connection and the IP address.

Generally,, and the IP address of your computer appear, indicating that your computer is not monitored.

If other IP addresses appear, it means:You are being monitored.(New media of cross-border e-commerce - cross-border e-commerce frontline)

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