How does the Amazon store name come from? What tools can I use?


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How does the Seagoing Amazon store name come from? What tools can I use?

Amazon store name is an important part of brand building, especially inMore than 6 million sellers on AmazonWhen competing.

In the name of Kia Mason shop, you can use some online tools. Just input the type of products sold, add relevant words and categories, and the rest will be handed over to the online tools.

The following online tools are recommended.

1. Shopify Brand Name Generator

This website tool is free. With just a few clicks, the seller can immediately select the name of the store, so as to quickly start selling goods.

At the same time, it also helps the seller protect the details of the domain name.

How does the name of the cross-border shipping Amazon store come from? What tools can I use?

2. Impossibility

It is also a free tool that allows sellers to change the store name with a simplified process.

Just enter a keyword, and the tool will combine the keyword with selected adjectives, nouns, and verbs to recommend a suitable store name to the seller.

3. Wordoid

It is an intelligent naming tool to help Amazon sellers generate store names through natural and unique voice recommendations.


In order to make the seller's brand name and store name more attractive, Netsubstance will replace 20% of the vowels with other vowels, and 20% of the consonants with different consonants, so as to generate a unique Amazon store name and an impressive domain name address.

5. Naming

The website can generate short, branded store names related to the seller's Amazon business for sellers.

When the seller saves a name, the algorithm of Naming tool will learn the seller's preferences from the name and provide more appropriate recommendations.

Do you want to use keywords for store names?

It is controversial whether Amazon store name should use keywords.

The use of keywords is beneficial in terms of SEO and can attract potential consumers, thus increasing the sales of the store. However, compared with the store name, keywords play a greater role in product description, product video and product links.

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that when it comes to product details, consumers are more likely to subscribe to stores through keywords or contact sellers.

However, there may be too many keywords related to the seller's shop to be added to the shop name.

In addition, specific keywords may only be related to a certain product, which is not suitable for the store name. Unless the seller is doing a small category of goods, it may be more sensible to add keywords to the "store description".

To edit or change the Amazon store name, the seller needs to log in to the Seller Central account.

Seller CentralThe account is the main interface for Amazon sellers to manage stores, market brands and sell products, connecting the seller's business, Amazon and consumers.

The operations to change the store name are as follows:

1. Go to Settings and click Account Info.

2. Click "Your Seller Profile".

3. Make sure that all required areas are marked, such as "Login as Amazon's main account", so that the seller can make any changes to the account.

4. Click the "Edit" button of the store details.

5. Write the new store name, as well as the account information and data set for each national site.

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