What is Amazon's main image video, and whether the display video is good


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What is Amazon's main image video in b2b? Is the effect of demonstration video good

When choosing a product, if the left side is a text commentary and simple pictures, and the right side is a video, I believe that most people are willing to learn about the product through the video. They can understand the purpose of the product in tens of seconds through the video. It certainly won't take a few minutes to read pure text. Today we will talk aboutAmazon main picture videoQuestion.

As Amazon sellers, we should know that at the beginning, Amazon's main image video was only for sellers with brand records. Later, with the increase of sellers, sellers without records are allowed to upload the main image video, but the location may change.

What is Amazon's main image video

The main image video is an all-round display of the product. It is a brand advertisement to promote the product. It shows the product with the seller's logo, and shows the concept of the seller's product and various experiences in use. It is used to enhance the trust of consumers and increase purchasing power.

What are Amazon's main image videos

1、Display video

The exhibition category is to show the product, size, color, function and characteristics in an all-round way, and explain the product in an all-round way to give users the most intuitive sense of experience and promote users to place orders. It is not very difficult to shoot the product. Sellers can shoot the product themselves or find a professional team to shoot it.

2、Publicity video

Publicity video sellers can embed some brand stories and insert brand knowledge into them, so that users can trust the brand more and understand the brand history. Only a good brand can be popular and attract users.

3、Explanation video

Use the shortest time to explain the product, so that users can be clear, such as the use method, use scenarios, and use the shortest and simplest words to let users understand how to use it. This is an explanation video, simple and straightforward.

What are the benefits of Amazon's main image video

Amazon's main image video can effectively improve the conversion rate. The video has a particularly good visual impact. Unlike the dry text and monotonous pictures, users can see the video at a glance to fully understand the product, including its color and functions. The video explanation is easier to understand and can effectively reduce after-sales problems, such as bad comments and returns.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that the Amazon main image video should not attract eyeballs for more than 15 seconds. If the first 15 seconds fail to catch the users' eyeballs, users may not watch your videos, reminding sellers to work harder on videos.

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