What are the problems with Amazon's inventory management and pricing


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What are the problems with the inventory management of cross-border e-commerce Amazon, and what should we do if there are problems with pricing

For Amazon sellers, it is estimated that the most troublesome problem is inventory. Either there is too little inventory or too much inventory. No matter what problem is, it will cause losses to the sellers. Let's talk about it todayAmazon Inventory ManagementHow to solve these problems.

There are many reasons for problems in Amazon's inventory management, such as the seller's untimely purchase of products, unfamiliarity with the process and poor management, and lack of concept of inventory data.

What are the problems with Amazon inventory management

1、Too little inventory

If the seller does not pay attention to the inventory data of sales in a timely manner, it is easy to appear out of stock; In addition, they participated in the description promotion, but did not master the sales progress and did not prepare sufficient inventory in advance, resulting in too little inventory; If the seller does not pay attention to the sales channels and stores at ordinary times, it will also lead to too little inventory.

Lanhaiyiguan reminds all sellers that in short, the reason for the low inventory is that the sellers pay too little attention to the store. They should check the sales of the store in time to replenish the inventory, so as to avoid the phenomenon of low inventory.

2、Too much inventory

There are many reasons for too much inventory. If the seller does not choose the right products, the product will not sell, which will also cause too much inventory; Or the product price is set too high, resulting in excessive overstock.

Amazon inventory management suggests that sellers can participate in seckill and promotion activities to reduce the economic pressure of sellers and quickly digest the inventory;

At the same time, you can also place advertisements. By appropriately increasing keyword bids, you can quickly increase the traffic, increase the conversion rate, and achieve the goal of digesting the inventory; In addition, sellers can move too much inventory from Amazon's warehouse to their own warehouse to reduce the excessive capital pressure in the warehouse. However, this is also complicated, and sellers should consider it clearly.

3、Supply chain problems

Some Amazon sellers have their own factories, which do not involve purchase delay. If sellers need to purchase from suppliers, they should discuss the delivery time and the specific arrival time with suppliers, so as to prevent the products from going on sale. If there is nothing left, it will cause great trouble to the sellers. Remind the sellers to take precautions in time management and do not plan when they arrive.

4、Pricing issues

If the seller is not fully aware of the product at the beginning, resulting in the product being priced too high or too low, the inventory will be affected, either too many overstocked goods or insufficient product inventory, affecting sales.

Therefore, the seller should be reminded that the price of the product must be set reasonably. If you really don't understand, you can refer to the price of the same industry, either too high or too low, or analyze the sales data to determine a reasonable price.

5、Listing page problem

As we all know, Amazon's listing page has a lot of content. If one is not set or optimized, it will affect sales. If sales problems occur, it will affect inventory. Therefore, for sellers, they must first optimize the listing page, whether it is title, description or image.

There are many problems in Amazon's inventory management. The seller must face the problems squarely, find out the reasons, and then propose a reliable solution to remedy them in a timely manner. The inventory problem can be easily solved to avoid all risks and try not to have the same problem.

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