Why is the sales volume of Amazon products poor? Can Amazon FBA shipment improve the sales volume


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Why is the sales volume of b2b Amazon products poor? Can Amazon FBA shipment improve the sales volume

For Amazon sellers, the sales of Amazon products are not good. There are many reasons. The products are prepared in the early stage, and all the preparations are done well. That is, the sales will not increase, which will bring great trouble to the sellers. Today, we will talk about the problem about the sales of Amazon products.

There are many reasons for the poor sales of Amazon products, such as poor product selection, poor product quality, orThe listing was not optimized well, the product exposure was not enough, the promotion ended too early, etc.

Why Amazon's product sales are not good

1、Too little stock

For many best-selling products, if the sales volume of the seller has been very good, the sales volume of the product suddenly drops, and the inventory preparation is insufficient, which causes the shortage and shortage of goods, it is also one of the reasons for the poor sales volume;

2、product quality

If the seller does not pay attention to the product quality when selecting products at the beginning, and the quality of the selection is too poor, the product will ask people for help, which will also lead to poor product sales;

3、Listing optimization problem

If the seller fails to optimize the listing page, such as the title written does not match the product, or the picture does not match the product, the text and picture do not match, and the number of characters or language of the title and description are not correct, the sales volume of the product will be affected;

4、The promotion ended too early

Generally speaking, there are many advertisements on the site. If the seller does not control the time, the advertisement time ends too early, and the traffic drops, the product sales will also be poor;

5、Insufficient product exposure

Generally, for newly launched products, there is not much traffic at the beginning, and the product exposure is not enough, so we need to invest in advertising to quickly increase traffic and achieve the goal of improving product sales.

How to deal with the poor sales of Amazon products

Lanhaiyiguan reminds sellers that, in view of the poor sales of products, they can start from selecting products, not seasonal products, and the sales of products have been stagnant. Too many negative comments are due to the quality of products, so they can consider changing the products, controlling the quality of products, and selecting high-quality products;

The logistics adopts Amazon FBA to deliver goods, improve the product delivery speed, reduce bad reviews, keep up with the service, and the product sales will also increase;

For less product exposure, advertising can be put in, both inside and outside the station, to drive the flow of products to drive sales;

Participate in Amazon's seckill and promotion activities, greatly increase product traffic and click rate, and product sales will also increase;

Optimize the listing page, integrate various factors, do a good job of all, and Amazon's product sales will increase.

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