What is the difference between Amazon individual sellers and enterprise sellers? Can individual sellers participate in the second kill?


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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What is the difference between b2b Amazon individual sellers and enterprise sellers? Can individual sellers participate in the second kill?

Amazon, as the leader of cross-border e-commerce, is popular with many people. The number of registered people is increasing. There are individual sellers and enterprise sellers. What is the best one? Today we will talk about Amazon's individual sellers and enterprise sellers.

The biggest difference between individual stores and enterprise stores is that enterprise stores need company business licenses, as well as corporate information, etc. Amazon has strict requirements for enterprise sellers, so there are more information.

What are the differences between Amazon individual sellers and enterprise sellers

1. Security

Relatively speaking, the security of enterprise sellers is relatively high, because the registration requirements for enterprise sellers are strict and require more information. Amazon generally selects enterprises with higher qualifications, so the probability of number sealing is relatively small, generally less than 9%;

The security of individual sellers is relatively low, and the general registration is also relatively simple, but it is easy to be blocked, and the blocking rate has reached 56%.

2. Audit difficulty

The data required by individual sellers are simple, so the pass rate is relatively high;

Enterprise sellers need more information, which increases the difficulty of audit;

3. Rent and commission

For Amazon individual sellers, there is no rent, but for every successful order, they need to pay a certain commission to Amazon;

The seller of the enterprise has a fixed rent every month. For example, the North America station has a monthly rent of 39.9 US dollars. The commission is also required to pay a certain amount of commission to Amazon for every successful order;

4. Gold shopping cart

Individual sellers cannot own gold shopping carts, only enterprise sellers can own gold shopping carts, and product sales will also increase many times;

5. Tools

Individual sellers can only upload products one by one, and the number of products is limited;

Enterprise sellers can upload products in batches, and there are many product categories with few restrictions. They can also download sales data reports in the background;

6. Seckill

As an individual seller, you cannot participate in Amazon's activities;

Enterprise sellers can participate in Amazon's various seckill and promotion activities, especially the Black Five Online One. At Christmas, participating in the seckill can bring a lot of traffic and orders.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that when choosing Amazon to register, they should consider the advantages and disadvantages of individual sellers and enterprise sellers, and then make a decision on which to register.

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