What is the Amazon Cancelled Listings report? How does the seller use


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What is the cross-border e-commerce Amazon Cancelled Listings report? How does the seller use

Amazon Cancelled ListingsInclude byAmazonInactive listing cancelled. The Cancelled Listings report is a convenientAmazon SellerIt enables sellers to understand why some listing is inactive, and provides methods to improve them.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,althoughAmazonAn Amazon inventory report list is provided, but the seller cannot find it immediatelyCancelled Listings Report, because the seller must contact Seller Support to obtain the report.

IWhat does the Cancelled Listings report include?

The Cancelled Listings report includes all listings cancelled by Amazon. It does not contain items that have been cancelled, sold out or cleared by the seller with the stock loader. This report can effectively monitor inactive listings and display them visually.

Amazon sellers should check performance notifications or visit the Account Health dashboard to find out why listing was deleted.

IIHow to useCancelled Listingsreport

The Cancelled Listings report allows the seller to identify the listings that the seller has closed and those that Amazon has blocked.

This report allows the seller to repair inactive listings, reactivate them, or completely delete them. Thanks to this report, sellers will be able to make profits again after listing becomes active.

3、 What other reports are available?

In addition to Active Listing Report and Cancelled Listings Report, there are different types of Amazon inventory reports, including:

1.Open Listing Report

This report includes all current open listings available at the time of the seller's request.

2.Open Listings Lite and Open Listings Liter Reports

The standard version of Open Listing Report. The differences between them are:

(1) Open Listings Lite Report: including seller SKU, product ID, quantity and price.

(2) Open Listing Light Report: only the seller's SKU and quantity are included.

3.Inactive Listings Report

The only difference between this report and the Active Listings report is that it contains masked listing, listing with zero quantity, listing beyond its sales end date, listing suspended from sales, and listing that is not open.

4.All Listings Report

The report includes active, inactive and incomplete listing, and only contains a summary of all products of a specific merchant.

5. Referral Fee Preview Report

Include listing information that can be purchased when a seller requests a report. This report provides the recommended cost estimate of the seller's current product prices, excluding transportation or packaging costs.

6.Sold Listings Report

Include all products sold on Amazon.

7. Amazon Fully Inventory Report

It enables sellers to quickly remove listing or upgrade inventory quantities from Amazon. Only useAmazon FBATo access it.

8.Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report

This report contains lists with quality errors. If they are seriousAmazon Search ResultsWill be hidden until the seller fixes them.

4、 How do I download reports?

The steps to download Amazon inventory report are as follows:

1. The seller can go to "Inventory" and select "Inventory Reports".

2. Then select the report type to download from the menu.

3. As it generally takes 45 minutes to generate a report, please press the "Request Report Request Report" button to return to this page later.

4. When the report status is Ready, click Download.

5. Save the file in. txt format, and then open it in Microsoft Excel.

What is the cross-border e-commerce Amazon Cancelled Listings report? How does the seller use

Managing Amazon inventory, listing, and orders can be challenging, regardless of the size of the Amazon seller's business or sales category. Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that although it fully understandsAmazonInventory reports take time, especially for non FBA sellers, but the rich information finally collected by sellers can help sellers make correct decisions and ultimately meet customer needs.

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