How to judge the infringement of Amazon's outer packaging


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How to judge the infringement of Amazon's outer packaging by cross-border e-commerce platforms

For Amazon sellers, they want to getaddedFor the sales volume of products, all the basic work in the early stage is to lay the foundation for the sales volume. For the sake of good sales volume, many sellers will intentionally or unintentionally involve in product infringement,Product infringement will bring great trouble to the seller, such as packaging infringement.

Especially when the Amazon peak season comes, there are many infringement events. No matter what kind of infringement event, whether trademark infringement, patent infringement or packaging infringement, it will have a certain impact on the seller, affect sales and even affect the store, and may have the risk of closing the store.

How to judge the infringement of Amazon's outer packaging

If a product is 60% similar to another product, it will be judged as an infringement of the outer packaging. Whether it is the outer packaging design or color, or including the logo of the product involved in the outer packaging, it will be judged as an infringement of the outer packaging.

We generally judge that the two products are relatively similar, and both of them are observed through direct appearance, such as the same color, or the same outer packaging box. This is what we call naked eye infringement. Of course, it can be determined through scientific methods, such as through a special query website.

There are many cases of Amazon packaging infringement, such as Peppa Pig, Fingertip Gyro, Frisbee Toys, and so on. These are relatively famous cases of packaging infringement. For Amazon sellers, they must avoid such cases to make their stores better and better.

How to judge the infringement of Amazon's outer packaging by cross-border e-commerce logistics

If the Amazon seller is really involved in infringement, first don't panic, find the infringing product in time, and thenListing needs to get off the shelf and find the brand to communicate and apologize in a timely manner. If it can be solved through communication, it is the best. Some serious cases may involve litigation and compensation.

We usually judge Amazon's outer packaging infringement by directly observing the material, size, structure, appearance, etc. of the product, and whether the product involves logo, etc. If the outer packaging is almost similar and cannot be judged, we can also query the special infringement website, which is the same as the patent query. We can consider whether the outer packaging infringement is involved through comprehensive factors.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that Amazon stores have a lot of work to do. In addition to doing the most basic work, we should also ensure the quality of products and non infringement. No matter what type of infringement, trademark, patent, and Amazon packaging infringement, we should avoid them. We should always follow Amazon's rules in order to do better!

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