Three major strategies of Amazon Global Online Cross border Summit were launched, involving diversification, digitalization and brand


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January 11th-13thAmazon opened stores worldwideChinaCindy Tai (Dai Yufei), global vice president of Amazon and executive president of Amazon Global Store Asia Pacific, said: "Amazon's global store opening witnessed the rapid development of China's export cross-border e-commerce from" barbaric growth "to" intensive cultivation ".

Next, the industry will move towards a new stage of "deep cultivation and long-term development", and open a new era of exporting cross-border e-commerce brands to the sea ".

Three strategies of b2b amazon global online cross-border summit involving diversification, digitalization and brand

thisan assemblyreleaseHasAmazon in 2022Three strategies ofThe keywords arediversificationdigitizationBrand, specifically:

oneSupport the multi site layout of sellers to achieve diversified expansion;

twoBreakthroughs in product capabilities enable sellers to transform digitally;

threePromote sellers to build global brands and create long-term value.

Since last year,With a big North American store in Shenzhen being sealed as the trigger, Amazon "has been blocked"For more than years,Many top sellers andmanySmall and medium-sized sellersIt's hard to escape.

Relevant data shows that since April 2021, the "store closure trend" has involved about 1000 enterprises, more than 50000 accounts, and about 3000 brand seller accounts, causing losses of more than 100 billion yuan.

Under the howling everywhere, many sellers sent out the soul torture of "eggs cannot be put in a basket". Many cross-border e-commerce sellers already have the risk awareness of decentralized single platform and single channel layout, and are also actively expanding multiple channels.

Amazon may have insight into this,Three strategic priorities in 2022one ofThis includes supporting sellers to layout their global businesses and achieve diversified expansion.

However, multi account operation has long been a common situation in Amazon's circle. In order to share the operational risks of large accounts, it is more convenient to follow sales, manipulate comments, merge listing in violation of regulations, and play with black technology. Many sellers have multiple accounts.

Even though they know that once the association will lead to serious consequences such as listing being taken off the shelf and accounts being blocked, the temptation of multiple accounts still makes them flock to them.

On a forumJustSome sellers adopt the "logistics isolation" method to avoid account associationAvoid risks.

Then, the related accounts are banned mainly:

IFor the same site, if the associated account is judged to sell the same cross product at the same time, the system will force the product uploaded from the latest account to be removed.

IIIf the associated account is banned, it is only a matter of time before other associated accounts are banned.

The three major strategies of the online cross-border summit for the global store opening of Oceangoing Information Amazon were unveiled, involving diversification, digitalization and brand

To avoid the closure of related accounts, there are several factors that sellers should pay attention to:

1、Hardware: computer, network cable IP, router, cat, network card information, hard disk information, etc.

2、Registration information: company name, personal name, credit card, address information, telephone number, email, collection account, etc.

3、Product category: product similarity<30%, pictures, SKU, product description, etc.

4、Trademarks: use the registered trademarks of the closed stores, associate KYC review information, and sell products with dead accounts.  

In the past few years, Amazon has increased its efforts to recruit and support factory type sellers to help traders go to sea, with less support for brands.

And most sellers generally believe that Amazon brand is only a channel brand.

According to Tinuti, 69% of search terms on Amazon do not contain specific brand names. The buyer's shopping habits and the Amazon platform's policy of not supporting the brand decide that even if the seller spends a lot of energy to register the brand and promote the brand on Amazon, it is difficult to penetrate the user's mind from the perspective of the brand.

In 2022, Amazon will pay more attention to brand sellers, including the opening of flagship stores, brand registration, brand building, customer interaction and brand protection.

According to the characteristics of brand sellers at different stages of development, Amazon also launched three plans: starting, assisting and leaping to meet the needs of different sellers to build brands.  

Three major strategies of the online cross-border summit on the e-commerce platform Amazon's global store opening have been launched, involving diversification, digitalization and brand

At this summit, Amazon revealed a very clear development direction. It is difficult for sellers with poor distribution, non-compliance and product strength to catch up with Amazon'space.

Based on this, no matter Amazon sellerAndNo, you can find your own positioning and track opportunities from Amazon's new strategy.

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