Return some stores with low sales. Can AliExpress become a high-end platform of branding?


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Quicksell quickly sounded the horn of "platform upgrading" and "eliminating redundancy".
AliExpress will conduct "annual sales assessment" for new and old sellers,Return a batch of sellers with low sales.At the same time, AliExpress will close the entrance of individual businesses and return a number of sellers who distribute goods, copy money and change money,Limit the number of items released by sellers,Avoid goods distribution.
It can be said that Quick Retailing has raised its broadsword, and is determined to cut down redundancy, try to get rid of the image of "cheapness", and change to the direction of "refinement", "branding", and "Tmall".
The heavy label of "cheap" has been borne by Quicksell for too long,Let them stumble and walk slowly.
A British brand observer told Mr. Yiguan that in the eyes of many Europeans, whether it is Amazon, eBay or AliExpress, it is basically a "grocery platform" for buying daily necessities rather than brand goods,Quicksell is at the bottom of this "disdain chain".It may be anxious to get rid of this image.
Reuters reported that AliExpress had invited local brands such as Mango, Benetton and Cortefiel to settle in, but they refused. The reason is that there are too many cheap goods sold on quick sell.
In 2016, Shen Difan, then general manager of AliExpress, said that AliExpress"There is still a long way to go before real branding".Five or six years later, AliExpress faces the same dilemma.
But now, AliExpress has ushered in a transformation opportunity.
After the big name of Amazon, a group of Chinese sellers no longer put their eggs in one basket, but began to make quick sale, especially a group of leading sellers in Shenzhen,It injects fresh blood into Sumitong.
Once again, AliExpress has stepped up its upgrading efforts. It may also be that AliExpress has the capital to "eliminate" some small sellers after holding more high-quality merchants, said a cross-border e-commerce observer in Shenzhen.
The personage said that the description of "bird's nest and bow's nest" may not be accurate, but it can basically reflect some realities. At the beginning of the development of many platforms, they attracted a large number of sellers with loose conditions, and even for the sake of volume, they were tolerant of some marginal and even illegal sellers. After the platform matures, some "low-quality sellers" will be cleaned up, and traffic and resources will be more centralized distributed to well-known brands and head sellers. "
Under a series of new policies of Quicksell, in the future, sellers with low turnover will not have the opportunity to open stores on it, and distribution sellers will also be cleaned up.
Does AliExpress want to become an "international version of Tmall"?
Will the living space of small and medium-sized sellers become smaller and smaller?
Can AliExpress become a high-end platform with many brands?
❑ Offering "upgraded combo boxing", small sellers are forced into the corner
Sumitong has played a series of combo punches.
1、 Tighten the entrance and raise the threshold
In November 2021, AliExpress updated the investment promotion announcement for new sellers in the "big clothing industry",Increased requirements for new sellers.

The cross-border e-commerce platform will remove some stores with low sales. Can AliExpress become a high-end platform of branding?

Focus on recruiting four types of sellers,Annual turnover flow,Both have made higher requirements:
● Preferred Seller
Targeted recruitment of cross-border brands or non targeted recruitment of brands, annual turnoverCNY 50 millionThe above is preferred;
● Factory businessmen (sole proprietorship or shareholding)
Preferential if the annual turnover is more than 10 million yuan;
● Traders
Cross border independent station sellers: annual turnover of more than 5 million yuan is preferred;
Cross border sales: annual turnover of more than 10 million yuan is preferred;
Ordinary traders: annual transactionRMB 2 millionThe above is preferred;
● Official distributor
No public investment invitation, targeted recruitment (limited distribution).
Generally speaking, AliExpress should start to strictly review the qualification of new sellers by taking the "big clothing industry" as a pilot.
After this "punch", "follow-up punch" will be added.
2、 Close the entrance of individual businesses
That is, from December 15,AliExpress will close the entrance for individual businesses to the platform.

Can AliExpress become a high-end platform of branding when some stores with low sales volume are returned overseas?

"Two punches" almost lock the entry conditions of the seller. New sellers without size or strength are unlikely to apply for stores.
After locking the "water inlet", the next step is"Remove sludge".
3、 Return sellers with low sales
In December, AliExpress passed an assessment standard for annual sales of merchants, removing sellers with poor operation ability and no "focus" from the platform.

Cross border information returns some stores with low sales. Can AliExpress become a high-end platform for branding?

In terms of assessment criteria, take the "big clothing category" as an example, the annual turnover of old sellers who have opened stores for more than 2 years should reachMore than US $10000;For the seller of 1-2 years, the turnover should beUS $5000above.
Return the store if it fails to meet the standard, andWithin 90 daysCannot rejoin the platform.
Product linkIf the goods are not shipped within 180 days, the link will be taken off the shelf.
Some sellers who have been dismissed suffer unspeakably and are looking for"Two million flowing water"To try to meet"New seller of new conditions", once again settled in AliExpress.

Some stores with low sales volume will be returned from e-commerce platforms. Can AliExpress become a high-end platform of branding?

These sellers are eager to look for "2 million yuan water flow" because it was recognized in the "New Seller Investment Promotion Ability Certification Announcement" in November by AliExpress,The "ordinary traders" at the lowest level need 2 million sales to "give priority"
Less than 2 million yuan, although there is no clear refusal, the subtext is very obvious. 2 million yuan is a barrier, and it is difficult to apply for residence.
Against this background, many service providers have acted quickly,We launched the service of "opening stores on behalf of others" and provided 2 million running data.
However, quick sell saw this and wanted to "close" the road.
At present, shops require "real name authentication again". It is expected that shops that buy shops and open them by borrowing others' identity information will encounter a wave of cleaning.
In addition to raising the requirements for new sellers' entry standards and dismissing a number of sellers with low sales, in order to put an end to extensive distribution, AliExpress also limited the number of goods released.
4、 Suppress the distribution of goods and limit the number of goods released
If there are no special provisions on categories or industries, the number of commodities released by merchants shall be limited to 3000. For the hair receiving and hair covering industries, quick sale is more restricted. Gold and silver stores can issue 300, while ordinary stores can issue 200.

Cross border information returns some stores with low sales. Can AliExpress become a high-end platform for branding?

The intention is obvious, that is, to strictly control the number of products releasedEliminateThe seller obtains a large amount of turnover through distribution, neglecting the quality and operation capability of the single product.
According to feedback from a "waiter" of AliExpress, AliExpress is more willing to accept sellers with strong professional cross-border supply, original development ability, supply chain advantages and higher service quality at this stage.
Will the living space of small and medium-sized sellers become smaller and smaller?
The majority of sellers have different feelings about the series of heavy fists of Quicksell.
For some sellers who have been "on the road", the low standard of quick sell return is not high. Yingzi, a toy seller in Changsha, told the Blue Ocean Yiguan domain news that the retirement standard of $10000 for toy category is very low and will not have any impact on her.
For some sellers with multi store operation and some part-time sellers,Some stores with low sales will be dismissed.
In addition, some sellers with large distribution, those who copy money and follow money, will also be hit.
To some extent, this will purify the platform environment and help promote the development of refined operation sellers.
But then again, after the branding of AliExpress and Tmall, it is bound to vigorously invite brand merchants to settle in, and tilt the traffic to these head sellers in a more centralized way,This will lead to a fierce "stock fight" between small and medium-sized sellers and head sellers.
The survival space of small and medium-sized sellers without product advantages and capital advantages will be further compressed.
This scene has really happened on domestic Tmall.
As early as March 2015, Tmall implemented a stricter business access system,The original application system was changed to targeted invitation.The entry criteria for some category businesses have been raised to 5 million yuan of registered capital, and they must be qualified as general taxpayers.
In this way, weak brands and small and medium-sized sellers will be excluded. Then, Tmall launched the "Tmall Strategic Partner" project, focusing on inviting well-known brands to settle in.
In order to "take care of" these brands, Tmall provides a series ofPreferential treatment of resources and traffic supportIncluding providing marketing resources in multiple dimensions, such as daily category, cost-effective, one brand per day, key showcases, members, and large-scale activities.
At the same time, Tmall's bartenders focus on following up with these brands and providing them with "intimate services", and these resources and services,Ordinary brands and small and medium-sized businesses have no chance to get it.
There is no doubt that the upgrading of Tmall inevitably makes small and medium-sized brands and businesses become victims.
Even because Tmall took too much care of the feelings of brand merchants, it triggered conflicts between small and medium-sized sellers on Taobao and Tmall brand.
According to the news of the e-commerce veteran bullfighter in the early years"Tmall absorbs traffic from Taobao Store C", "Delete a large number of treasures" and other measures, thousands of small and medium-sized Taobao sellers gathered in the QT voice room to attack big sellers, including many famous big sellers of Tmall, such as Handu Clothes House, Uniqlo, Shangpin Homes, etc., were attacked, hot selling goods were maliciously auctioned, and store through car advertisements were attacked.
As early as 2011, Taobao small sellers also launched the "siege in October".

The cross-border e-commerce platform will remove some stores with low sales. Can AliExpress become a high-end platform of branding?

     (Screenshot of e-commerce veteran bullfighter)
Although Taobao and Tmall Mall are two separate systems on the surface, Tmall inevitably crossed the "border" and moved the cheese of Taobao small sellers in order to support the Tmall brand.
In view of the frustration caused by the fact that AliExpress has been inviting international brands to settle in these years, it is not ruled out that it will be the same as Tmall,"Use the cheese of small and medium-sized sellers",Provide special"Nutrient transport" and "centralized flow redistribution".
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