More than 100 products of the seller were suddenly marked as expired products by Amazon!


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

More than 100 products of the seller who went to sea were suddenly marked as expired products by Amazon!

Recently, a seller reported that the 1sixteenPieces of products are marked as "expired products".

As the number of shipments involved was too high, the seller immediately contacted Amazon customer service, who said that it was already in the process of processing, and the product would automatically return to normal status after a period of time.

However, more than one month has passed, and the expired mark has not been removed.

The problems encountered by the seller quickly attracted the attention of many other sellers

A seller said that he had encountered the same problem before. Later, Amazon investigated the inventory and found that the products did not expire before resuming listing sales.

Another seller believes that the products sold may be food or cosmetics, which may be expired.

A seller said that there is a product validity option on the creation listing page. It may be that the expiration time is set for this option. As long as it is canceled, the normal state can be restored.

Some sellers believe that there is a bug in Amazon's system, so they can contact customer service to refresh.

So, how should we deal with the seller's product suddenly marked as expired by Amazon?

In fact, the listing background will have a product expiration date setting. As long as the seller fills in a specific date here, the product will be suspended from sale by the system on the expiration date.

Therefore, this is not caused by a bug in Amazon's system, but related to the seller's own operation. At the same time, when domestic sellers encounter this kind of phenomenon, they should not be too nervous, and should calmly deal with it.

You should contact Amazon customer service at the first time and explain the situation.

After that, Amazon will investigate the inventory stored in the FBA warehouse in a short time. As long as the seller's inventory does not expire, listing will return to normal.

Therefore, if other sellers encounter such problems in the future store operation, they should first check that the expiration parameter is set in the listing.

Once similar parameter settings occur, they should also be solved at the first time to avoid the phenomenon that listing cannot be sold.

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