What are the reasons for the seller's goods being rejected by Amazon FBA


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What are the reasons for the rejection of cross-border sellers' goods by Amazon FBA

For Amazon sellers, all preparations have been made, including careful selection of products, careful selection of appropriate first journey logistics, and difficult delivery of goods to AmazonFBA warehouse, but was informedThe goods are rejected by Amazon FBA, the mood will fall to the freezing point.

Amazon usually rejects the goods without warning. Maybe the seller has prepared all the work until the goods have been delivered to the Amazon warehouse. When the last step of signing for the goods, there is a problem and the seller is told to reject the goods. This undoubtedly has a great impact on the seller.

The seller's goods are sold by AmazonWhat are the reasons for FBA's rejection

1. Carton damaged and deformed

Generally speaking, when delivering goods, the seller will check the outer packaging and products to avoid damage and other problems. However, the goods have been transported for a long time, so it is inevitable that they will be damaged or worn on the road, and some of them will be worn during manual handling.

If the outer package, such as the carton, is seriously damaged or even deformed, Amazon FBA will choose to reject it, as well as those overweight, weighing more than 23kg, exceeding the size, and any length, width and height exceeding 63cm, Amazon will also choose to reject them.

2. Tape problems

It is inevitable to use tape when packaging boxes or larger outer packages. If the seller uses colored tape, such as yellow tape or blue tape, wrapping it around the outer package will block the product label and barcode, Amazon FBA warehouse will reject the goods, and the products will not be warehoused in time, which will have a great impact.

Amazon FBA stipulates that only transparent tape can be used, so that important barcodes such as labels will not be obscured, and the probability of goods being rejected by Amazon FBA will be reduced.

3. Label Questions

If the goods are transported for a long time, it is inevitable that various problems will occur during the transportation, such as the labels will be lost, or fall off, or the labels can not be seen clearly due to temperature problems, or the goods will be affected by moisture, which will affect the smooth arrival of the goods to Amazon FBA warehouse.

For example, it can be printed with A4 paper, then cut with a paper cutter, and then stick a layer of transparent tape to prevent falling and other problems, and then it can be smoothly warehoused.

4. Pallet problems

When goods are transported by sea, there must be pallets, and the pallets cannot be damaged. The specifications are generally 1mX1.25m, the height is not more than 1.8m, and the weight is not more than 680kg. If these requirements are not met, Amazon FBA will choose to reject the goods.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds sellers that if the goods are transported by sea, they must use pallets and strictly follow the specifications required by Amazon, otherwise they cannot be warehoused normally, which will cause great trouble to Amazon sellers.

After the goods are rejected by Amazon FBA, the seller can only choose to send the goods to the domestic warehouse, or if there is an overseas warehouse abroad, the seller can first send the goods to the overseas warehouse to avoid more expenses, such as product packaging problems. The product packaging can be adjusted in time, or after repacking, the seller can smoothly re send the goods to Amazon FBA warehouse.

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