The demand for consumer technology products in the United States has slowed down, and smart home has become an important growth point


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Cross border e-commerce logistics The demand for consumer technology products in the United States has slowed down, and smart home has become an important growth point

Against the background of the outbreak of the epidemic again, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas, the United States, from January 5 to 7. It is the world's leading technology exhibition, attracting more than 2300 exhibitors, including 800 start-ups and hundreds of thought leaders.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization of the exhibition, said that by 2022, the retail revenue of the consumer technology industry in the United States is expected to exceed 505 billion dollars for the first time, an increase of 2.8% compared with 2021.

After the "rapid advance", the development of American consumer technology products slowed down

The demand for cross-border US consumer technology products slows down, and smart home becomes an important growth point

NPD Group, a well-known data analysis agency, said that 2021 will be another record year for sales of consumer technology products.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,In 2021, the retail income of the US consumer technology industry will increase by 9.6% year on yearThis growth rate is really impressive.

The growth forecast of 2.8% this year has indeed slowed down compared with 9.6% in 2021.

NPD Group also said that in the next few years, Americans' demand for consumer technology products will slow down,The growth rate is expected to decline by 5% this year, 4% next year and 1% the year after (2024).

However, even so, the overall sales of consumer technology products still exceeded the pre epidemic level.

Stephen, vice president and industry consultant of NPD, said that the reason why the consumer technology industry is predicted to slow down in the short term is due to the extraordinary rapid growth in 2020 and 2021.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, people's lifestyle has changed to a considerable extent. People's demand for many electronic equipment and scientific and technological products has increased dramatically, which will inevitably slow down consumers' demand for technological products in the short term.

In the U.S. consumer technology products industry, another trend worth noting isProduct prices have been rising

According to NPD data, the price of consumer technology products was rising long before the epidemic, and this year will continue this upward trend, which is the fifth consecutive year.

The overall average price of a single product is expected to reach $72, an increase of $16 compared with 2018.

Of course, the increase in average prices last year was partly due to the increase in transportation costs and the shortage of spare parts, but most of them were not reflected until the second half of the year.

Due to the strong demand of consumers for high-end scientific and technological products and the decline in demand for low value electronic equipment, consumer scientific and technological products are expected to develop towards higher prices in the future.

Smart home devices and large screen TVs will become new important growth points

NPD Group believes that although the demand for consumer technology products in the United States will slow down in the following years, it is noteworthy that smart home products will become an important growth point of the industry.

In 2021, the sales of smart home products in the United States will increase by 21% year on yearlamps and lanternsThe performance is particularly outstanding.

The demand for consumer technology products in the United States for cross-border e-commerce platforms has slowed down, and smart home has become an important growth point

(Source: npd. com)

In 2022, the sales volume of smart home products in the United States is expected to increase by 6%, the revenue will increase by 2%, and the total sales will exceed 4.1 billion dollars.

Among them, security equipment is the main growth driver, includingsecuritycamera(The sales volume is expected to increase by 2%)Intelligent doorbell(expected to increase by 13%)Intelligent door lock(It is expected to increase by 8%).

There are also products that pay more attention to convenience and energy conservation, such as smart power, and the sales are expected to grow by 4%.

An executive director of NPD said that the sales of smart home devices witnessed a strong growth in the holiday shopping season of 2021, which is estimated to last at least until 2024.

In addition, consumers pay more and more attention to entertainment, soStand alone VR headwear equipment, large screen TV equipmentThe sales of (65 inches and above) will also increase significantly in the next few years. Although VR devices can provide unique entertainment experience, large screen TVs will still develop towards larger screens.

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