What is Amazon's follow on selling? What are the good ways to drive away the follow on selling


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What is Seagoing Amazon Co Sale? What are the good ways to drive away the Co Sale

For Amazon sellers, it's time to run Amazon storesAmazon follow saleThe most troublesome behavior for sellers is low price co selling, fake goods co selling and cross site co selling. Such co selling behavior is a nightmare for sellers.

Amazon co selling can save sellers a lot of worry. It does not need to create a page. The product's launch and removal depend on the seller's mood. It also does not need to grab a shopping cart. Sharing a listing page with other sellers can quickly have a large amount of exposure and click through rate, and quickly improve the product's sales.

What is Amazon Co Sale

To put it simply, the seller shares a listing page with the seller. Instead of creating a listing, the seller can upload the product directly below and sell it directly. It is very simple and easy to operate. The price and quantity of the product may vary. If the first product has a problem, it will not affect the following seller. However, if the following product has a problem, the seller who created the listing page will generally be found, This is also the reason why many sellers hate the practice of co selling.

What are the good ways to drive away Amazon and Merchandise

1、Warning and seller

If someone is trying to communicate with the seller at the beginning, you can first try to warn the other party and ask them to get off the shelf as soon as possible to follow the link. If the warnings are repeated and have no results, the seller can directly complain to Amazon.

2、Brand filing

Amazon sellers can timely record their brands, which has many advantages for sellers. For example, it can prevent the following selling behavior and some infringements. At the same time, it can also do A+pages, or it can not buy UPC codes.

The seller can directly register the trademark, and then apply for the brand record on the Amazon platform. If there is any act of following the seller, the seller can directly complain, which will protect the seller's rights and interests.

Under the premise of brand filing, the seller can file a complaint with Amazon and collect important evidence, which is reasonable.

3、Product logo

If you want to drive away Amazon, you can also use the brand logo on the outer packaging box of the product or the product, which can effectively prevent the following sales.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that no matter what is printed on the outer package or the product, they should try not to cover 60% of the product, so as to avoid that users cannot see the details of the product clearly. At the same time, they should also prevent the behavior of selling with others.

4、Join Amazon Transparency Program and 0 Program

Amazon's transparent plan and Amazon's zero plan can well prevent co selling.

Amazon's transparency plan is charged. After joining, it can generate a unique QR code. When products enter the Amazon warehouse, they must be scanned. Otherwise, they cannot enter the warehouse. They can be distinguished from other products and can be used to crack down on resale.

Amazon Zero Plan has self-service anti-counterfeiting tools, automatic protection, and product serialization. The first two are free. Serialization is charged, and the product serial number is the only barcode, which can be pasted on the product to prevent resale.

5、Other methods

There are other ways to drive away Amazon's co selling, such as the seller suspending listing sales, or maliciously swiping orders with the seller, etc. If you suspend listing sales, it can prevent the co selling, but it will affect the seller's product sales. It is not cost-effective to kill 1000 enemies and lose 800; There are also malicious order swiping and sellers. Illegal order swiping shops may be closed. Although it can prevent co selling, it does not comply with Amazon's regulations.

Although the above method is risky, it can also be used. The seller should not use this method unless it is absolutely necessary.

For sellers, there are many advantages of Amazon's co selling, which is very helpful to increase the order volume. However, you must use Amazon's formal methods to drive away the co selling, otherwise you will suffer losses.

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