30000 Bluetooth earphones have been recalled. After the disappearance of a billion level store, can the category of Amazon earphones still be done


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Headsets are a magic category of cross-border e-commerce,A lot of money has been sold, a group of people have become rich, and many people have fallen into the abyss with many scars.
Recently, something happened to the earphone.
Dewei(DeWalt)More than 30000 Bluetooth headsets were recalled in an emergencyThese headphones areHomE Depot, Lowe's and other retail platforms,They are all produced by Chinese manufacturers.
The US Food Safety Commission (CPSC) claimed that these earphones had potential safety hazards such as burning users and causing fires.
CPSC has received 61 reports that the earphones were overheated, includingFive reports of fire and four reports of minor burns.

30000 Bluetooth earphones were recalled at sea. After the disappearance of a billion level store, can we still do the category of Amazon earphones

Cross border information has been recalled to 30000 Bluetooth earphones. After the disappearance of a billion level store, can Amazon's headphone category still be done

In view of fire, overheating and other problems, a domestic industry insider said that this is probably an individual phenomenon.
Bluetooth earphones usually have a small lithium battery built in. If they are used for a long time, they will generate heat. But under normal circumstances,The capacity of lithium battery of this specification will not cause too high temperature, and there will be no explosion.
There may be other reasons for fire, burn and other safety problems, such as combustibles nearby, which are caused by various reasons.
"At present, the Bluetooth headset factories in China have strict specifications and production monitoring, and only those qualified can be sold on the shelves," he said.
However, this incident happened again"Negative events of Bluetooth headset in China",let"Made in China"Once again, it was reported by Fox and other foreign media in an unseemly form.
In any case, earphones are still a category of gold everywhere, and they are still the most popular. After many front-line big sellers were closed, some agile sellers quickly moved forward to fill the blank market.
 Who was left with the opportunity after the closure of the earphone stores of big sellers such as Patoson and Zebao?
Headphone products are the wealth products of many cross-border e-commerce sellers in Shenzhen.
At present, most of the big sellers involved in 3C products are engaged in earphone category, including Anke, Aoji, Zebao, Tongtuo, Patoson, etc.
However, with the consolidation and certainty of the category market and the tightening of Amazon's rules, earphones have become a Red Sea category.
The seller An Lin said frankly that small and medium-sized sellers make earphones,as good asTake the initiative to deliver to the doorfleece the flock
"First, it was cut by the publicity at the exhibition, then it was cut by finding a factory to open a private model, after it was put on the shelves, it was cut by the service provider, it was cut by the control rating, and it was cut by opening an independent brand station,He said.
The products sold are not only not enough to pay back the cost, but also face many problems.
"The security problems and infringement problems of the headphone category emerge endlessly, and the product cost is not low, which is not affordable for small and medium-sized sellers."
Anlin didn't even know the noise reduction principle and waterproof grade of earphones before. He went to the factory to see the samples and found that the appearance was OK, but he didn't know how to sound. He directly ordered 500 pairs.
The factory owner lied to him, saying that the former boss was determined5000 pairs, 500 pairs can only be scheduled to the back row. Or we should order 2000 and produce them immediately
Anlin gritted his teeth and directly took 2000 shots. Results After the products were put on the shelves, more than 100 products were sent for testing. As soon as the sales volume rose, they were complained of quality problems and were directly taken off the shelves.
"At that time, in order to ensure the appearance and quality of the products, we started with 80 yuan. This wave directly lost 160000 yuan. If we take into account the logistics costs, labor costs, etc,Minimum loss300000 yuan.
The case of Anlin is not an exception. Huang Xin's previous company also sold Bluetooth earphones. After the product was put on the market, the sales volume was poor, and the product was transferred to Southeast Asia to clear the goods. As a resultNo one wants "cheap sale".
"It's hard to price earphones. The price is high,People are more willing to buy brand products; When prices are low, consumers will worry about quality. It's really hard to do.
In addition to the product itself, earphones are prone to problems,The biggest problem is its category attribute.
It is typicalTop quality products,It is very popular. The market is large enough and there are enough orders, but the competition is unusually fierce.
Those who dare to make such products are either capital intensive or experience and resource intensive sellers. Once they decide to do so, they will focus all their strength and resources to build supply chain relationships and create stores.
Come up and play high,Mobilize sea, land and air resources and engage in blitzkrieg and three-dimensional warfareOnce it is done, the order quantity is very large, almostIf you can't do it, you will lose your armor and lose your armor.
It is precisely this fierce and brutal group army combat mode that can easily step on the red line of Amazon.
 Huang Xin said, "Generally speaking, it is almost difficult to make earphones without paying the bill. Many big sellers have been punished for this, not to mention small and medium-sized sellers. Of course, you can tell me about Anke(Anker), but how many Ankers are there?
two thousand and twenty-oneyearApril 30On, wasPatoson, one of the "Three Amazons", was blocked and opened 2021Amazon's"Massacre".
The media reported that Patoson's violation of the rules resulted in the main brandMpow was cancelled, the account was closed, and the funds were frozen.
Mpow mainly sells Bluetooth audio products and charging products,Bluetooth headset is the top priority.

B2B has recalled 30000 Bluetooth headsets. After the disappearance of the billion level stores, can Amazon's headphone category still be done

Prior to being dubbed, Patoson was a super seller in the cross-border e-commerce Bluetooth headset field, and had created it on Amazonsix hundred and sixindividualBest Seller products.
In terms of audio products, Mpow has excellent performance and is an unmistakable "Amazon brand". Its excellent product quality and stunning appearance are widely loved by foreign consumers.

The cross-border e-commerce platform has recalled 30000 Bluetooth earphones. After the disappearance of the 100 million level stores, can the category of Amazon earphones still be done

Many buyers directly search for "big keyword+Mpow" on Amazon when buying Bluetooth earphones. As an Amazon brand, Mpow is very successful.
However, even Mpow needs to be praised and cannot escape Amazon's "sanctions stick".
According to the cross-border financial report, PatosonIn 2020, the revenue will be 4.94 billion yuan Mpow is the top brand. Industry insiders estimate that the brand's annual revenue on Amazon exceeds2 billion.
However, that's allTwo billion stores (brands) were closed down by Amazon in a short time, and the brand assets were almost zero.For whether Amazon can make a real brand, please refer toParasites and Hosts, and the"Brand Chondrosis"
Following Patterson, many cross-border big sellers also suffered from the cancellation of their brands and the closure of their stores, including Zebao'sRAVpower, Humboldt Technology and other brands,They all sell Bluetooth headsets.
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